Aulos 501S Symphony Garklein sopranissimo recorder

Ref: Aulos 501S new
  • 1 piece instrument
  • Garklein recorder in black with white trim
  • In the key of C
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Reaches a fifth higher than the sopranino
  • Supplied with leatherette case and a fingering chart
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Info Full description
This 501S model is the smallest and highest sounding recorder in the Aulos range. Its lowest note is C'''(2 octaves above middle C) and it can play up to the D two octaves above that! It would make a perfect, unique addition to any recorder consort.

It can also be played as a solo instrument of course; being in the key of C, any music which is designed for the standard 'descant' recorder will also be playable with this instrument as the fingering is identical.

The garklein, though high in pitch, produces a delightful, vibrant tone. The 1-piece construction allows for consistent, accurate tuning and the arched windway enables the player to control the breath more easily and therefore play with greater expression.

A wonderful instrument suitable for advanced school ensembles and professional consorts alike.

This recorder is supplied with a smart, durable leatherette bag and a cleaning rod.

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