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Product Review: EDphones with Soho Audio Link education headphones

Written by Joe Ward13/02/24

From the manufacturer

This article was written by Joe Ward from Soho Sounds on the Audio Link headphones for education:

There are a few options for music teachers when it comes to buying headphones, all very similar and not a lot sets them apart from each other.

We created the Soho Audio Link for a few reasons. One being, we have previously sold to the education market before, secondly, we have a very good capability to create great quality audio products. But lastly, we could see that there is a gap in the education headphone market for a product to solve common issues music teachers face pretty much daily.

Headphones are a regular purchase for schools, they go missing, they break, but alongside headphones, teachers are also having to constantly replace the larger ¼ inch adaptors along with splitters for students to share keyboards, just a couple of other things to add into the small budgets and have to keep buying.

The Soho Audio Link removes these problems entirely, with BOTH 3.5mm and ¼ inch jacks hardwired on, and the AUX out on the cable, removing the need to buy splitters. Fellow students or teachers can plug straight into the other persons Audio Links and listen of play along. 

We could have considered wireless headphones for education, but that drives cost up and makes teachers lives harder, you don’t want to be recharging and pairing up 10s, if not 100s of headphones every week. We’ve kept it simple, just existing technology that we’ve made a great deal better.

Plus, moving on from keyboards, they can of course be used in computers, laptops and tablets, departments can share these headphones and they can be used for independent learning.

And best of all, it’s still very cheap and perfectly affordable for school budgets. Not to mention the strength of the product.

Released earlier in 2023, hundreds of schools are already benefitting from the Soho Audio Links and will continue to do so across the globe. The URL below will take you through to the product page on Soho Sound Company’s website, feel free to get in touch for any questions you may have regarding the product or company, we’ll always be happy to help.

Joe Ward - Soho Sound Company


What does Chamberlain Music think?

Put simply, the Audio Link headphones elegantly solve a common classroom frustration. The built in splitter and adaptor reduces class clutter and completely removes the risk of those accessories going missing.

With the handy addition of a robust frame and comfy padding, they're a great headphone for any music department.