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How to... Order custom choral music folders

Written by Adam Smith02/10/23

Whether you sing at a school, church or your local choral society, the significance of having reliable and organised sheet music folders cannot be overstated. And to add a sense of community, easy promotion of your group, and a professional look at concerts, personalised music folders are a no brainer. Ordering your custom print choral music folder with Chamberlain Music is simple. This article will guide you through the process of ordering and customising these music folders.

  1. Firstly, pick the colour of folder you would like. We supply a choice of maroon, black and navy blue.
  2. Then, enter the quantity that you need (minimum order 25), add to your basket along with the rest of your order, and follow the normal checkout process. Please note, a one-time print screen charge of £35.00 will be automatically added to your basket. If you order more folders in the future with the same logo, you will not need pay the print setup fee again, however the minimum order of 25 folders will still apply.
  3. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. You can either reply to this email directly or begin a new email to sales@chamberlainmusic.com quoting your order number.
  4. In this email you can outline your customisation preferences. Firstly, attach an image of your logo. Most formats are acceptable, however JPGs and PDFs are preferable. Also note that the logos are only available to be printed in a maximum of two colours, which need to be from the following colour options: black, white, cerise, wine red, burgundy, purple, light blue, gold, or silver. If your logo is particularly intricate or complicated, there may be a higher charge. For further details on this, call our team on 01428 658806.
  5. Remember to also state where on the folder you would like your logo to be placed, denoting the front or back, the top or bottom and the left or right.
  6. After your email is received, mock up artwork of how your customised folders will look will be designed and sent to you approximately 7-10 working days from receipt of order. Before printing can begin, the design will need to be approved by you. Please note, however, that if you do want any significant changes made at this stage that there is a £5.00 charge per amendment.
  7. The complete turnaround time for these customised orders will be approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year, peaking as the Christmas season approaches.

More about our choral folder design

We know a truly versatile choral folder needs to be tough enough to survive being haphazardly thrown around in class but also smart enough for concerts or services. They should keep your music safe without making a sound and should have space for all your music, pencils and more without becoming clunky or unsightly.

This is why the Choral music folder or Choral music folder with custom print design is our folder of choice. Honed over many years, all of these factors have been considered, and these folders one of our most popular items. Made from light and durable polypropylene, the open/locking mechanism is simply a loop of string over a metal rivet – quick, secure and silent.

The spine features a comfortable elastic strap to keep the folder perfectly in place while singing. Inside are 10 taut strings attached to the spine to hold your music, as well as large pockets and spaces for a pencil and name tag.