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Choosing the best keyboard stand

Written by Tom Wild02/11/23

Choosing the best keyboard stand for you

Chamberlain Music offers an impressive range of digital pianos and keyboards. However, to complete your setup, you may need a suitable keyboard stand. From lightweight single braced x-frame stands to stylish fixed digital piano stands, there’s a lot to choose from. This article will help you choose the best keyboard stand to suit your needs.

What type of piano stand should I get?

X-frame stands

If you are after a portable, versatile, and easy to store option, consider the X-frame keyboard stand. Our Kinsman single braced portable keyboard stand is a good example of this type. X-frame stands can be set up at various heights, making them ideal for performances, demonstrations, and school settings where students of different ages and heights use the same instrument.

The single braced, X-frame stand, such as our LMS18B portable keyboard stand or the Kinsman single braced portable keyboard stand, is designed for lighter, non-weighted keyboards and perfect for the classroom.

For larger keyboards with weighted keys and portable digital pianos, we would recommend a double braced stand such as the LMS19B double braced stand or the Hercules double braced stand. The additional support offered by the double-braced stand is also perfectly suited for use on stage.

All keyboard stands come with rubber supports for both the keyboard and the feet, ensuring a secure base when playing. The ability to easily fold, transport, and store these stands make them ideal for gigging musicians, as well as a convenient stand for the classroom.

Table style

A good middle ground between a fixed stand and the portable, X-frame stand is a table style keyboard stand such as the Stagg MXS-A1. They are still foldable and easy to store/transport, however the larger and sturdier frame is great for a heavy stage piano.

For more about why a stage piano might be for you, click here.

Fixed stands

For maximum stability and security, fixed stands are an excellent choice. Designed to be a permanent fixture wherever placed, the fixed stands are normally made by the manufacturer for their own digital pianos. For digital pianos in practice rooms, music classrooms, and, of course, the home, a fixed stand is the way to go. Not only does it offer the highest level of security, they also provide a more professional, attractive aesthetic.

If portability is not a necessity, we strongly recommend our Yamaha P-45 digital piano and fixed stand bundle. Not only is this a convenient and high-quality package, but also provides fantastic value for home or practice rooms.


If you are looking for something to fit a more complex or specific layout, check out the Hercules EZ-LOK dual tier keyboard stand or the Yamaha L7B stand for Genos workstation. The dual tier keyboard stand is great for a multi-keyboard setup and although at a higher price point, is great value for that unique requirement.


  • Gig bags – some of these are big enough to fit both the digital keyboard and the stand inside. It is worth checking the dimensions, but if you’re not certain please do get in touch.
  • Keyboard benches – once you’ve got a keyboard and a stand, you’ll probably want somewhere to sit. We offer a large range of standard piano stools as well as some easily storable and portable benches.
  • Pedals – most digital keyboards and stands do not come with pedals or pedalboards, so it is always worth checking.

Choosing the right keyboard stand is crucial to enhance your playing experience. Before making a purchase, determine your specific needs, set a suitable budget, and consider our recommendations. With these factors in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect keyboard stand for you.