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Percussion Plus MS1089 single hand chimes C52 - C76
  • Note range is C52-C76 (octave above middle C upwards)
  • Robust hand chime with replaceable beater assembly
  • Price is for individual chimes only
  • Please see below for details on available notes
  • Manufactured in the UK
Product code: MS1089
ManufacturerPercussion Plus
Category: Hand chimes
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RRP £48.46
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• Notes available are:
• C5 (C52) - Length 42.5cm, weight 347gms

• C#5(C#53) - Length 40cm, weight 327gms

• D5 (D54) - Length 38cm, weight 314gms

• D#5(D#55) - Length 36.5cm, weight 302gms

• E5 (E56) - Length 35cm, weight 289gms

• F5 (F57) - Length 33.3cm, weight 277gms

• F#5 (F#58) - Length 31.7cm, weight 265gms

• G5 (G59) - Length 30.2cm, weight 254gms

• G#5(G#60) - Length 28.5cm, weight 243gms

• A5 (A61) - Length 27.2cm, weight 231gms

• Bb5 (Bb62) - Length 25.8cm, weight 219gms

• B5 (B63) - Length 24.8cm, weight 213gms

• C6 (C64) - Length 23cm, weight 200gms

• C#6(C#65) - Length 22cm, weight 193gms

• D6 (D66) - Length 21.5cm, weight 187gms

• D#6(D#67) - Length 21.3cm, weight 187gms

• E6 (E68) - Length 21cm, weight 184gms

• F6 (F69) - Length 20.8cm, weight 182gms

• F#6 (F#70) - Length 20.5cm, weight 179gms

• G6 (G71) - Length 19.2cm, weight 169gms

• G#6(G#72) - Length 18cm, weight 159gms

• A6(A73) - Length 18cm, weight 158gms

• Bb6(Bb74) - Length 17.5cm, weight 156gms

• B6(B75) - Length 17cm, weight 153gms

• C7(C76) - Length 16.5cm, weight 149gms

• (Length and weight may vary a fraction due to tuning densities of material)
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