Zoom G1 guitar effects pedal - Guitar effects pedal with expression pedal

Ref: Zoom G1XON new
  • 22 different amp models including most classic guitar tones
  • 30 second looper function
  • 68 different rythm accompanyments
  • 83 stomp box models including compression, distortion, modulation, delay & reverb
  • Space for upto 100 user patches
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Info Full description

The Zoom G1ON has built on the legacy of the Zoom 505 as a must have multi-effects unit. This updated model features totally new drive sounds that are developed using state-of-the-art ZFX modeling technology. This new technology means the G1ON faithfully recreates everything from lush bighting clean tones to that crushing distortion for your lead lines like never before. With increased sample rate & bit depth now even those illusive tube amp sounds are within your grasp.

With the new interface this unit is very easy to edit and create effects with 100 different patches available for you to design your own tones and a pre-select function so your audience won't hear you change effects. This pedal will make itself to the very heart of your set up in no time at all.

Star Reviews