NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony
NU1XPE - Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano Polished ebony

Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X digital piano - Polished ebony

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  • A stunning combination of acoustic and digital piano technologies
  • An ideal compromise for those who need an acoustic piano but can't accommodate one
  • Bluetooth for connectivity with apps on iOS and Android devices
  • Sampled from the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos
  • Hybrid upright piano with a real upright piano action in a compact cabinet
  • Soft closing keyboard fall and chrome fittings, an attractive modern look
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Info Full description

Introducing the Yamaha NU1X AvantGrand hybrid upright piano

The Yamaha NU1X replaces the popular NU1 Hybrid Upright Piano, and bridges the gap between Yamaha's digital and acoustic piano offerings. While having all the benefits of a digital, such as lots of sounds, no maintenance, volume control, headphones and USB Audio recording, the NU1X also benefits from a real upright piano action for the most authentic upright digital piano feel possible.

Yamaha's NU1X is the only hybrid digital piano on the market today to model the action of an upright piano, making it completely unique and unsurpassable. Its sound comes primarily from Yamaha's CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos, two of the world's finest instruments and along with their proprietary Virtual Resonance Modelling system sounds incredibly authentic.

New improved features for the NU1X include an increased sound library to include more pianos and electric pianos, Binaural sampling on the CFX sound for improved playability through headphones and Bluetooth for connecting to your smart device. This can be used for recording, sheet music page turning apps and also for streaming your music through the piano so you can play along.

The superb natural feel of a real piano action

The NU1X represents the next evolution in hybrid piano technology melding the Yamaha pedigree of unparalled piano craft with progressive digital innovation. Employing a real acoustic upright piano action that intuitively connects player and piano, the NU1X offers a gratifying dynamic experience. The result is an instrument that not only pays tribute to its acoustic counterpart but exceeds all expectations.

Legendary piano samples

To play an AvantGrand means access to the actual sound profile of two legendary concert grands: the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. Whether you prefer the bold, expansive palette of the CFX, or the warm, rich Vienna tones of the Imperial, switching between the two is simple.

The authentic feel of a grand piano pedal

The NU1X features a damper pedal that recreates the subtle changes in resistance experienced when using a grand piano pedal. What’s more, the NU1X's damper pedal allows you to use the same half-pedal techniques that you would with a grand piano, offering detailed control over sustain and reverberation.

A fully immersive headphone experience

Thanks to our advanced binaural sampling technology, the sound you hear through your headphones is remarkably lifelike. This technology uses piano samples recorded by specialized microphones that capture locational information and other nuances discerned by the human ear. The resulting sound is so natural, so enveloping, that you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing headphones at all. (CFX Grand Voice only)

An elegant complement to any room

The elegant simplicity of the NU1X blends effortlessly into any setting, adding an air of distinction without being imposing. Inheriting the superb sound and playability of the AvantGrand series of pianos, the NU1X offers the warmth and natural presence of an acoustic instrument in a stylish, compact form.

Intelligent UX and Integration

Behind its simple control panel, the NU1X hosts an abundance of connectivity options for maximum functionality and integration with external devices. It can be connected directly to computers and mobile devices via USB, sound and recording systems via audio cables, act as a Bluetooth receiver, and integrate with iOS apps via WiFi.

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Spec Specification
Width1,501mm (59 1/8")
Height1,024mm (40 5/16")
Depth463mm (18 1/4")
Weight111kg (240lbs, 11oz)
Number of keys88
White key surfacesAcrylic resin
Touch sensitivityHard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
Keyboard actionSpecialised Upright Piano Action for NU1X
Pedal typeGP Responsive Damper Pedal
Number of pedals3
Half pedalYes
FunctionsDamper (with half-pedal effect), Sostenuto, Soft
Key sensorsNon-contact optical fiber
Soft-close fallboardYes
Music restYes
Piano soundCFX/Bösendorfer Imperial Sampling
Binaural samplingYes (CFX Grand Voice only)
Key-off samplesYes
Smooth releaseYes
Polyphony (max.)256
Preset number of voices15
Reverb effectsYes
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)Yes
Stereophonic optimiserYes
Number of preset songs50 Classics, 15 voice demo songs
Recording number of songs10
Recording number of tracks1
Data capacityApprox. 550 KB/Song
Recording functionYes
Playback compatible data formatSMF (Format 0, 1)
Recording compatible data formatSMF (Format 0)
Tempo range5 - 500
Transpose-6 - 0 - +6
Tuning414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
Scale type7 types
Recording time (max.)80 minutes/Song
Audio recording formatWAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
Audio playback formatWAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
Internal memory storageApprox. 1.4 MB
External driveUSB flash drive
Headphones connectivityStandard stereo phone jack (x2)
AUX INStereo mini
AUX OUT[L/L+R] [R] (Standard stereo phone jack)
Auto power offYes
Power supplyAC Inlet
Amplifiers(45 W + 45 W) x 2
Speakers(16 cm + 1.9 cm) x 2
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