Stagg 10W electric guitar amplifier

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  • Robust 10W student practice amp
  • 3.5mm Stereo input for CD/MP3 player
  • 3-band EQ (bass/middle/treble)
  • Overdrive switch for versatile distortion
  • Volume/gain controls
  • Lightweight and very portable
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Info Full description
This lightweight and well-built little unit makes a good practice or rehearsal amplifier being both cost effective and very portable. The case is covered in a thick vinyl layer with metal protectors on each corner. The bright and clear control panel has solid, molded knobs and there is a strong handle on top for easy carrying. This models is great for taking to school, to lessons and has a good enough sound quality for band rehearsals too.

6.5'' speaker
3-band EQ - bass/parametric middle/treble
Volume and gain controls
Overdrive switch
3.5mm headphone jack output
3.5mm stereo MP3 input

It is a versatile amp too, with headphone jack for quiet practice and MP3 input jack so you can play along with your favorite tracks. You can adjust your sound via the 3 band EQ to suite your preference and the overdrive offers a brilliant, distorted rock sound. It is worth purchasing a good quality jack lead as this can help prevent background noise, interference and unwanted feedback.

Spec Specification
Max rated power loudspeaker10 watts RMS @ 8 Ohms load with 6.5'' speaker
Frequency Response70hz to 10kHz
Signal to noise ratio-60db @ max rated power
Input impedance470k Ohms
Power consumption20 Watts max
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