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Flute Sessions

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An ensemble collection for two, three or four unaccompanied flutes. Includes works by Prokofiev, Bach, Mozart and Ravel. Read more
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Flute Sessions

An ensemble collection for two, three or four unaccompanied flutes. Includes works by Prokofiev, Bach, Mozart and Ravel.

Instrumental Album

1. Adagio (Kuhlau)
2. Air (From The St. Passion) (Bach)
3. Allegro (Quantz)
4. Bandinerie [Bach, Johann Sebastien]
5. Bolero
6. Bolero (Canon)
7. Calisthenic Canon, A (A Note Behind)(Klengel)
8. Calisthenic Canon, A (Klengel)
9. Canon (A Note Behind) (Mendelssohn)
10. Canon (At One Note) (Mendelssohn)
11. Canon (Backwards & Forwards) (J. S. Bach)
12. Canon (From 'The Musical Offering') (Bach)
13. Canon Over A Ground Bass (Alto Flute) (Purcell)
14. Canon Over A Ground Bass (Purcell)
15. Dialogues
16. Dirge (From 'Ossian's Fingal) (Brahms)
17. Dirge (Upper 2 Parts) (Brahms)
18. Ditto
19. Ditto (Same, Either Way)
20. Dizzy Spell
21. Duo
22. Duo (Upside Down)
23. Esercizio Sopra La Scala (Palestrina)
24. Fleugel Woogie (Round) (Devinez)
25. Fluegel Woogie (Devinez)
26. Gavotte
27. Gavotte (Upside-down)
28. Gavotte [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]
29. Greenwood Tree, The
30. Greenwood Tree, The (Round)
31. Hare & Tortoise
32. Hare & Tortoise (Same Notes In 2 Speeds)
33. I. Minorca
34. Ii. Improvisation Over A Theme Of Cesar Franck
35. Iii. - Iv. Dance
36. Intermezzo Op.1 No.2 [Borodin, Aljeksandr Porfirjevic]
37. Jungle Jazz
38. Lament (Brahms)
39. Lament (Round) (Brahms)
40. Le Coucou [Daquin, Louis-claude]
41. Madrigal (Palestrina)
42. March (Handel)
43. Minuet (Blavet)
44. Minuet (There & Back) (Haydn)
45. Minuet [Haydn, Franz Joseph]
46. Minuetteunim
47. Minuetteunim (There & Back)
48. Minuetteunim (Upper 2 Parts)
49. Mispelled Music
50. Mispelled Music (Accidentals)
51. Pastorale (Stravinsky)
52. Pavane (Ravel)
53. Phantasm (Prokofiev)
54. Prelude [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
55. Rondo [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
56. Russian Dance
57. Russian Dance (Upside-down Quartet)
58. Sarabande (Suite Pour Le Piano) [Debussy, Claude]
59. Scherzetto (J. T. Crissey)
60. Scherzo (Seitz)61. Simplicity
62. Soliloquy
63. Song Of The Lark, The (Piccolo And 2 Flutes) (Tschaikowsky)
64. Sursum Corda (Max Rairigh)
65. Swing! (Low, Sweet...)
66. Tarentelle
67. Tarentelle (Canon)
68. Trio [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
69. Valse Ignoble
70. Valse Ignoble (All Seconds)
71. Wintertime (Schumann)
72. Wintertime (Upper 3 Parts) (Schumann) 

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