SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title
SKWITCH - Skwitch Default title


659514982304 brand: Skoog Music
Stock code: Skoog Music SKWITCH
  • Plays the sounds of different instruments
  • Real-time step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • No batteries required
  • Tactile, intuitive and robust
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Powered by the Switch Music app
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Info Full description

Play Skwitch

Skwitch clips straight on to your iPhone, so within minutes you have a compact, accessible piece of tech that you can use to create music anytime, anywhere. Portable and wireless, Skwitch makes music-making easy. Explore notes and chords and create your own music with a push of a button.

Jump into musicplay

Pick any instrument you like and get playing! Or choose a song you love and play along. You could be blasting out the final chorus on an electric guitar, or letting your diva out on a festival main stage, even if you’re really at home in your pajamas.

Explore and create

Play ready-made songs, one note at a time, just by pressing the Skwitch. You set the tempo and how each note sounds – the app takes care of the rest. Start slow and build up the pace when you are ready.

Explore music in a new way. Learn by playing with sound, expression and timing. Discover your own musicality and build confidence in your own musical abilities.

Create your own riffs and grooves using our simple note editor. Just pick a key, add some notes, then drag up or down to form your riff, and get ready to rock out like a pro.

The most cost effective music controller ever

Skwitch is the only accessory designed specifically to transform your iPhone into a fully expressive, tactile musical instrument. By harnessing the power of your iPhone, Skwitch becomes a feature packed expressive music controller with a powerful audio engine, built in Bluetooth MIDI, stereo loudspeakers & high quality touchscreen display.

Skwitch is for anyone looking to build confidence in their musical abilities; from aspiring musicians looking for a fun, portable way to get into music-making, to music technologists looking for ways to bring new life to their compositions and live sets. Skwitch makes it fun and easy to get started and doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of music theory or technique. With Skwitch you can just dive right in. 

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Spec Specification
ButtonSoft, tactile button with patented magnet sensing technology
Button travel20mm press depth
Button size68mm diameter
ConnectivityBluetooth MIDI (via iPhone)
Dimensions110mm x 95mm x 48mm
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