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pTrumpet 1.5C mouthpiece

Ref: Jiggs PTRUMPC-15CBK new

  • Precision engineered from ABS plastic
  • Size 1.5C - wide 17.00mm rim diameter
  • Can be used with plastic or brass instruments
  • Incredibly durable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for practice and lessons
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced players
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Info Full description
Although designed for use with the popular pTrumpet model, this mouthpiece is equally suitable for a standard brass trumpet.

Precision engineered from high quality ABS plastic, makes these mouthpieces incredibly durable and extremely easy to clean. Being crafted from plastic also makes them significantly cheaper than their metal counterparts. Furthermore, due to their construction, you can forget the warm up time involved with metal mouthpieces and get straight on with playing! This also makes them ideal for practice and lessons, or for use when playing outside in cold weather.

This 1.5C model with its wider cup diameter, offers a rounder depth of sound and a compact and powerful tone.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced players and a must-have in any trumpeters collection. 
Spec Specification
Rim diameter17.00mm
Rim shapeMedium-wide, not too sharp
Cup depthMedium
Throat size3.66mm
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