PP630 - Percussion Plus Hexagonal kayamba shaker Default title

Percussion Plus Hexagonal kayamba shaker

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  • Handmade decorative Kenyan rattle
  • Made from wood and natural materials
  • Can be shaken or hit to create different sounds
  • Perfect for percussionists looking to create complex sounds
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Info Full description
This Percussion Plus kayamba shaker is handmade in Kenya and brightly decorated in a traditional Kenyan design. The instrument creates unique and complex sounds and is easy to play by either shaking or hitting the rattle.

The kayamba rattle originates from Kenya and is a flat percussion instrument made from reeds and wood, then filled with stones or beads. The reeds are woven into two mats mounted on a wooden frame and then separated by the stones or beads. When shaken or beaten, these reed mats rustle together to produce a unique dry sandy sound and create complex rhythms. The kayamba is assumed to be one of the oldest rattles, getting its name from the Swahili word for rattle, and has grown in popularity due to its unique sound.
Spec Specification
Width:15cm (6")
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