PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red
PCORNET1R - pCornet cornet outfit Red

pCornet cornet outfit - Red

Stock code: Jiggs PCORNET1R new
  • Adjustable main tuning slide
  • All plastic water-key
  • Bell size 4 3/4 inches
  • Lightweight and easy to hold, just 500g
  • One piece patented lead pipe
  • Supplied with cloth
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30th July 2022
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Info Full description

Introducing the pCornet

Following in the footsteps of the pBone and the pTrumpet, the pCornet is the worlds' first ever fully plastic cornet! It is based on the traditional British Shepherd’s crook Bb cornet and is designed in the UK for musicians by musicians.

The patented lead pipe technology ensures a vibrant and focused sound and it is tough and durable and able to take a few knocks. The all-plastic main, first and third valve tuning slides give you great flexibility of tuning.

This instrument is perfect for beginners and young students and the bright red colouring makes it very attractive and fun to use!

It comes in its own cloth bag along with 1 2b and 1 4b Denis Wick plastic mouthpieces.

Easy maintenance

It is also very easy to keep clean and maintain; you only need to use warm water and traditional slide creams or oils. This no-fuss maintenance style makes these trumpets ideal not only for beginners, but also group classes and school music sessions.

It is supplied with plastic mouthpieces and a gigbag, but the bore will accept a traditional metal mouthpiece.

pInstruments and the environment

pInstruments are serious about making music fun and accessible for all, but are also conscious and considerate of how their processes can effect the environment.

Working hard to reduce their environmental impact, pInstruments can proudly announce they are completely carbon neutral - but that is not all.

Here is how pInstruments consider the "3 R's" into all of their processes to further reduce their environmental impact -

  • All instruments are made using ABS plastic, using much less resources than the manufacture of traditional brass instruments.
  • Every time pInstruments make an instrument out of plastic rather than brass, the amount of carbon is reduced considerably
  • Since 2010, pInstruments have saved 2,8333,247 kg's of CO2

  • The beauty of ABS, is that any excess materials left over from the process can simply be melted down and re-used!
  • pInstruments are pretty indestructible, but in the case of a broken instrument, they can provide many replacement parts.
  • If you have an instrument you are no longer using, why not pass it onto a friend. This reduces waste with the added bonus of sharing and encouraging music with others.

  • pInstruments are recyclable under group 7, and can be recycled at certain central locations or by recycling specialists.
  • Contact your local recycling centre for advice

If you would like any more information on pInstruments steps to reduce environmental impact, please click the link below.

pInstruments and the Environment


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