PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title
PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title
PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title
PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title
PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title
PBUG1R - pBugle plastic bugle - red Default title

pBugle plastic bugle - red

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  • Includes mouthpiece
  • Carrying case included
  • Perfect to encourage a younger player into the world of brass band playing
  • Pitched in Bb
  • Very lightweight at just 250g!
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15th July 2022
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Info Full description

Introducing the pBugle

The number of children and adults taking brass lessons has exploded in recent years. One reason this may be the case is due to the development of plastic woodwind and brass instruments. Having revolutionised the trombone market with the Bb pBone and pTrumpet, Jiggs now bring us the pBugle. Designed by brass players, for brass players, the Jiggs pBugle is a fully functional, lightweight bugle and is perfect as a beginner instrument.

The pBugle follows the success of the pBuzz which created a starter instrument for those with an affinity for trombone. Now, with the pBuzz trumpet teachers and those students who are looking to progress onto the trumpet or cornet have a lightweight and affordable beginning to their trumpet journey.

If you would like to read more about the conception, creation, and of course the many benefits of learning with the pBugle, please click here.

Easy to play

A brilliant crossover between toy and musical instrument pBugle has been designed especially for mini musicians. Light weight and robust enough for a child to learn about brass playing through playful exploration, pBugle is a real trumpet that can develop authentic beginner brass skills without the complication of learning to play valves.

Hassle Free

Brass instruments are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because the pBugle is made from recyclable ABS plastic it is really robust, hard wearing and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive! Low maintenance and tough the pBugle is a worry free and dependable instrument.

Great value

pBugle is the most affordable way for you to give your child a taste of playing a trumpet, before making a more costly commitment. It comes with a 7C plastic mouthpiece and an array of supporting online learning resources should you need them – ready to go!


Discover how the trumpet makes its sound with pBugle; the great thing is there are no wrong notes! Guided by our free learning materials the skills your child develops playing the pBugle can be transferred to trumpet or cornet when they are a little older and bigger, providing a great foundation for beginning a journey into the wonderful world of brass playing.

pInstruments and the environment

pInstruments are serious about making music fun and accessible for all, but are also conscious and considerate of how their processes can effect the environment.

Working hard to reduce their environmental impact, pInstruments can proudly announce they are completely carbon neutral - but that is not all.

Here is how pInstruments consider the "3 R's" into all of their processes to further reduce their environmental impact -

  • All instruments are made using ABS plastic, using much less resources than the manufacture of traditional brass instruments.
  • Every time pInstruments make an instrument out of plastic rather than brass, the amount of carbon is reduced considerably
  • Since 2010, pInstruments have saved 2,8333,247 kg's of CO2

  • The beauty of ABS, is that any excess materials left over from the process can simply be melted down and re-used!
  • pInstruments are pretty indestructible, but in the case of a broken instrument, they can provide many replacement parts.
  • If you have an instrument you are no longer using, why not pass it onto a friend. This reduces waste with the added bonus of sharing and encouraging music with others.

  • pInstruments are recyclable under group 7, and can be recycled at certain central locations or by recycling specialists.
  • Contact your local recycling centre for advice

If you would like any more information on pInstruments steps to reduce environmental impact, please click the link below.

pInstruments and the Environment

To find out more about how Chamberlain Music can help, or to enquire about any of our brass instruments, please contact the team on:

Phone (01428) 658806 Email sales@
Spec Specification
Bell size5"
Mouthpiece7C plastic (included)
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