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Art of French Song, Vol.1 Medium Low Voice

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Art of French Song, Vol.1 Medium Low Voice

Complete with translations and guidance on pronunciation

Those interested in French music have often had reason to be grateful to Roger Nichols; his writings on Debussy, Ravel, Messiaen and Poulenc are indispensable to themusic lover.

Nichols now turns his attentions to the mélodie, where it is his mission to encourage singers to explore beyond the well-trodden paths of French song. In these two anthologies he does not ignore masterpieces by composers of the stature of Fauré and Duparc, but sets them alongside music - almost impossible to find elsewhere in print - by such under-estimated figures asReber, Viardot, Massé and Paladilhe.

Even the more celebrated songs are often not easily found in practical editions, which makes thisselection an ideal starting point for wider exploration. In each of these volumes the songs appear in the chronological order of their composer's birth, but Nichols somehow contrives a line-up of music which seems delightfully arbitrary at the same time as carefully designed to enrich everyone's understanding of the mélodie. The books also contain a remarkable amount of scholarship, lightly worn and pithily expressed.

As well as complete translations of the songs, there is a useful and concise introduction on singing in French, together with an illuminating historical note and critical commentary; and Nichols gives full due to thepoets who were of crucial importance in the development of the mélodie tradition.

Graham Johnson


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Contents Contents
Louis NiedermeyerLe Lac
Hector BerliozAbsence
Charles GounodO ma belle rebelle
Pauline ViardotFleur desséchée
César FranckS’il es tun charmant gazon
Victor MasséConsolation
Edouard LaloBallade à la lune
Camille Saint-SaensLa sérénité
Léo DelibesChanson espagnole
George BizetPastorale
Jules MassenetNuit d’Espagne
Emmanuel ChabrierL’ile heureuse
Emile PaladilheSérénité de la nuit
Gabriel FauréLydia
Gabriel FauréAprès un reve
Henri DuparcExtase
Ernest ChaussonLe colibri
Claude DebussyMandoline
Claude DebussyC’est l’extase langoureuse
Erik SatieDaphénéo
Erik SatieSpleen
Déodat de SéveracMa poupée chérie
Gabriel DupontChanson des noisettes
Francis PoulencLa Grenoullère
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