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30 Selected Songs High Voice

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Ludwig van Beethoven / Max Friedlaender 
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30 Selected Songs High Voice

Ludwig van Beethoven / Max Friedlaender 

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Contents Contents
To Hope in E flat major op. 32 ("You so like to celebrate on holy nights" - range: d '- f ")
Adelaide in B flat major op. 46 ("Einsam wandelt dein Freund" - range: es' - a ")
Bitten in E major op. 48; 1 ("God, your goodness goes so far" - range: e '- f sharp ")
The love of the neighbour in E flat major op. 48; 2 ("So someone speaks: I love God" - range: d '- f ")
Vom Tode in F sharp minor op. 48; 3 ("My lifetime elapses" - range: c sharp '- g ")
The honour of God from nature in C major op. 48; 4 ("The heavens boast of eternal honor" - range: c '- g ")
God's Power and Providence in C major op. 48; 5 ("God is my song!" - range: e '- g ")
Repentance song in A minor op. 48; 6 ("On you alone, on you I have sinned" - range: dis' - g ")
Mailied in E flat major op. 52; 4 ("How wonderfully nature shines for me" - range: es' - es ")
Mignon in A major op. 75; 1 ("Do you know the land where the lemons bloom" - range: e '- f sharp ")
New Love, New Life in C major op. 75; 2 ("Herz, mein Herz, what should that give?" - range: e '- a ")
Wonne der Wehmut in E major, Op. 83; 1 ("Does not dry up, tears of eternal love!" - range: dis' - g ")
Sehnsucht in B minor op. 83; 2 ("What draws my heart so?" - range: f '- f sharp ")
An die ferne Geliebte - Liederkreis in E flat major op. 98 ("On the hill I sit, peeking" - range: es' - g ")
Der Wachtelschlag in F major WoO 129 ("Listen, how lovely it sounds out there" - range: es' - a ")
Sacrificial song in E major WoO 126 ("Die Flamme blaert" - range: e '- e ")
Song from the Distance in B flat major WoO 137 ("When the tear of longing didn't flow" - range: e '- g ")
The Lover in D major WoO 139 ("What a wonderful life" - range: f sharp '- f sharp')
The Kiss in A major op. 128 ("I was all alone with Chloën" - range: e '- g sharp ")
I love you (tender love) in G major WoO 123 ("I love you, like you me" - range: d '- f ")
Marmotte in A minor op. 52; 7 ("I'm already going through some countries" - range: e '- e ")
The Little Flower Wunderhold in G major op. 52; 8 ("A flower is blooming somewhere" - range: d '- d ")
With a painted volume in F major op. 83; 3 ("Kleine Blumen, kleine Blätter" - range: e '- a ")
Evening song under the starry sky in E major WoO 150 ("Wenn die Sonne niedersinket" - range: c sharp '- f sharp ")
Souvenir in D major WoO 136 ("I think your" - range: e '- g ")
In questa tomba oscura A flat major WoO 133 ("In questa tomba oscura" [In this grave dark "] - range: c '- e")
La Partenza (The Farewell) A major WoO 124 ("Ecco quel fiero istante!" ["This is the scary hour"] - range: e '- f sharp ")
The drum stirs in F minor op. 84; 1 (The drum is stirred, the pipe is in tune" - songs from "Egmont" - No. 1 - range: f '- f ")
Joyful and Sorrowful in A major op. 84; 4 ("Joyful and sorrowful, thoughtful" - songs from "Egmont" - No. 4 - range: g sharp - a ")
The faithful Johnie in E flat major op. 108; 17 from "Scottish Songs" - ("O, when do you return" - range: es' - es ")
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