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ABRSM Art of Song: grade 8 low voice

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This revised and expanded edition of the long-established The Art of Song series includes all the songs in the original edition together with a considerable amount of new material,... Read more
  • Instrumentation: Voice (low)
  • Extensive selection of songs and arias
  • New editions of a wide-ranging repertoire
  • New versions of songs in different keys to suit different voice-types
  • ABRSM from 2018 Grade 8
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ABRSM Art of Song: grade 8 low voice

This revised and expanded edition of the long-established The Art of Song series includes all the songs in the original edition together with a considerable amount of new material, all presented in a new larger format.


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Contents Contents
Dowland, JohnFlow my tears fall from your springsTone range: c '- d' '
Dowland, JohnWeep you no more, sad fountainsTone range: a - d ''
Haydn, JosephO tuneful voice, I still deplore thy accentsTone range: a sharp - d ''
Haydn, JosephThe Spirit's Song: "Hark! What I tell to TheeTone range: G sharp - Eb "
Purcell, HenryAh! Belinda, I am press'd with torment from Dido and AeneasTone range: c '- f' '
Purcell, HenryCome, all ye songsters of the sky from The Fairy QueenTone range: d '- e' '
Purcell, HenryMusic for a while Shall all your cares comfortablyTone range: c '- des''
Bach, Johann SebastianPurify yourself, my heart from St Matthew PassionTone range: G - es'
Haydn, JosephNow heav'n in all her glory shines from The CreationTone range: F - es'
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSe vuol ballare, Signor contino from The Marriage of FigaroTone range: c - f'
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusO Isis and Osiris, give the spirit of wisdom to the new couple! From The Magic Flute,Tone range: F - c'
Beethoven, Ludwig vanWith a painted volume: "Small flowers, small leaves scatter me with a light hand",Tone range: d '- g' '
Brahms, JohannesTo the nightingale. "Geuß not so loud the dear-flamed songs rich sound",Tone range: h - es ''
Brahms, JohannesIn silent night, to the first watchTone range: h - e ''
Brahms, JohannesSerenade: "The moon stands over the mountain so right for people in love",Tone range: b - e ''
Brahms, JohannesSummer evening: "The summer evening lies dusk over the forest and green meadows",Tone range: b - b '
Schubert, FranzThe son of the muses: "To wander through fields and woods, to whistle my little song away",Tone range: c sharp '- d' '
Schubert, FranzSong of a Schiffers to the Dioskuren: "Dioskuren, twin stars, which you shine for my boat",Tone range: a sharp - c sharp ''
Schubert, FranzYou are calm: "You are calm, peace is mild",Tone range: b - es ''
Schubert, FranzSehnsucht: "The lark close to the cloud songs smack down to the flight of the wind",Tone range: c sharp '- d' '
Schumann, Robert"With myrtles and roses, lovely and lovelyTone range: a - d ''
Schumann, RobertNight song: "Above all the peaks there is peace, in all the tops you feel"Tone range: c '- es''
Schumann, RobertWanderlied: "Wohlauf! Still drunk the sparkling wine!",Tone range: h - f sharp ''
Schumann, RobertDedication: "You my soul, you my heart",Tone range: as - es ''
Gurney, Ivor"Spring, the sweet Spring, is the year's pleasant King",Tone range: a-flat - e ''
Wolf, HugoThe abandoned maid: "Early, when the cocks crow, before the little stars fade",Tone range: d '- es''
Wolf, HugoConcealment: "Let, o world, o let me be!",Tone range: h - e ''
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