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ABRSM Art of Song: grades 4-5 high voice

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  • Instrumentation: Voice, Voice (high)
  • Extensive selection of songs and arias
  • New editions of a wide-ranging repertoire
  • New versions of songs in different keys to suit different voice-types
  • ABRSM from 2018 Grades 4 & 5
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ABRSM Art of Song: grades 4-5 high voice

This revised & expanded edition of the long-established The Art of Song series includes all the songs in the original edition together with a considerable amount of new material, all presented in a new larger format.

Campion, Thomas - There is a garden in her face: "There is a garden in her face", engl. -Tone range: d '- e' '- (Thomas Campion 1567 - 1620)
Franck, César - Panis Angelicus (Bread of the Sacrament): "Panis angelicus", lat. / Engl. -Tone range: f sharp '- e' '- (César Franck 1822 - 1890)
Arne, Thomas - Where the bee sucks: "Where the bee sucks, there suck I", engl. -Tone range: d '- g' '- (Thomas Arne 1710 - 1778)
Handel, Georg Friedrich - Dove be? (Can you hear me?): "Dove sei, amato bene?", Italian / English. -Tone range: d '- g' '- (Georg Friedrich Händel 1685 - 1759)
Haydn, Joseph - Light and life are weakened (Light and life in sadness languish): "Light and life are weakened", German / English, from. The Seasons -Tone range: c '- f' '- (Joseph Haydn 1732 - 1809)
Haydn, Joseph - Sailor's Song: "High on the giddy bending mast", engl. -Tone range: e '- f sharp' '- (Joseph Haydn 1732 - 1809)
Morley, Thomas - It was a lover and his lass: "It was a lover an his lass", engl. -Tone range: g '- g' '- (Thomas Morley 1557 - 1602)
Purcell, Henry - Fairest Isle (Address to Britain): "Fairest isle, all isles excelling", Engl., From: King Arthur -Tone range: es' - ges' '- (Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695)
Handel, Georg Friedrich - Where'er you walk: "Where'er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade", engl. -Tone range: f '- g' '- (Georg Friedrich Händel 1685 - 1759)
Grieg, Edvard - Margretes Vuggesang (Margaretens Wiegenlied / Margaret's Cradle Song): "Nu løftes Laft og Lofte", norw. / Dt. / Engl. -Tone range: c '- f' '- (Edvard Grieg 1843 - 1907)
Brahms, Johannes - In vain serenade (Fruitless Serenade): "Guten Abend, mein Schatz", German / English. -Tone range: e '- f sharp' '- (Johannes Brahms 1833 - 1897)
Grieg, Edvard - Jeg eslker Dig (I love you / I love but thee): "Min Tankes Tanke ene you vorden", norw. / Dt. / Engl. -Tone range: e '- f' '- (Edvard Grieg 1843 - 1907)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - The Deceiving World: "The rich gate, decorated with gold", German / English. -Tone range: d '- g' '- (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 - 1791)
Schubert, Franz - To Sylvia (To Sylvia): "What is Silvia, say an", German / English. -Tone range: e '- f sharp' '- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)
Grieg, Edvard - Prinsessen (The Princess): "Prinsessen sad højt i sit Jomfrubur", norw. / Dt. / Engl. -Tone range: d '- g' '- (Edvard Grieg 1843 - 1907)
Schubert, Franz - Love's Sorrow: "Where the deaf is silent beeches", German / English. -Tone range: g '- a flat' '- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)
Sullivan, Arthur - The Willow Song: "A poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree", engl. -Tone range: h - e '' - (Arthur Sullivan 1842 - 1900)
Sullivan, Arthur - When a merry maiden marries: "When a merry maiden marries", engl., From: The Gondoliers -Tone range: c '- f' '- (Arthur Sullivan 1842 - 1900)
Schumann, Robert - Out into the open (Come Outside!): "How does it bloom in the valley?", German / English. -Tone range: c '- f' '- (Robert Schumann 1810 - 1856) 

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Contents Contents
Arne, ThomasWhen daisies pied: "When daisies pied"English. -Tone range: c '- f' '
Campion, ThomasThe peaceful western wind: "The peaceful western wind"English. -Tone range: d '- e' '
Ford, ThomasSince first I saw your face: "Since first I saw your face"English. -Tone range: e flat '- e flat'
Lully, Jean-BaptisteBois épais (Cast your shade): "Bois épais redouble ton ombre"French / English. -Tone range: d '- f' '
Purcell, HenryThe Knotting Song: "Hears not my Phillis"English. -Tone range: f '- g'
Scarlatti, AlessandroO cessate di piagarmi (Oh ​​release me from this anguish): "O cessate di piagarmi"Italian / English. -Tone range: g sharp '- g' '
Brahms, JohannesSandmännchen (The Little Sandman): "The little flowers they sleep"German / English. -Tone range: e '- f sharp' '
Grieg, EdvardJägerlied (Jægersang / Hunting Song): "No 'better pleasure in this time"German / Norwegian / English. -Tone range: b - f ''
Grieg, EdvardMed en Primula veris (With a Primula veris / With a Primrose): "Du Vårens milde",Norwegian. / German. / English. -Tone range: d flat' - g flat' '
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusTo Friendship: "O holy covenant, I dedicate my songs to you"German / English. -Tone range: d '- f sharp'
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusHappiness: "How gentle, how calm I feel here"German / English. -Tone range: b - e ''
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusThe Little Spinner Girl: "What are you crazy about?"German / English. -Tone range: e '- f' '
Schubert, FranzBliss (Heavenly Bliss): "Pleasures special number"German / English. -Tone range: e '- g sharp' '
Schubert, FranzAbendlied (Evening Song): "The moon has risen"German / English. -Tone range: f '- f' '
Schubert, FranzTo the Lute: "Leiser, leiser, kleine Lute"Tone range: d '- f sharp' '
Schubert, FranzTischlerlied (The Carpenter's Song): "My craft goes through all the world"German / English. -Tone range: c '- d' '
Schumann, RobertThe Orphan: "Spring returns"German / English. -Tone range: e '- f' '
Sullivan, ArthurOn a tree by a river (Willow, Tit-willow): "On a tree by a river", From: The Mikado -English Tone range: c '- d flat''
Anonymous - attrib Pergolesi"Tre giorni son che Nina"Italian / English. -Tone range: f '- a' '
Beethoven, Ludwig vanThe honor of God from nature (All Nature Sings God's Praises): "The heavens boast of the eternal honor",German / English. -Tone range: c '- g'
Purcell, HenryMan is for the woman made: "Man is for the woman made",English., Tone range: e '- g' '
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