Ocarina Workshop 6 Hole Ocarina

Ref: Ocarina Workshop OC6 new

  • 16 chromatic notes from D to E
  • Ideal for more advanced players
  • Made from impact resistant plastic
  • Produces a clear singing tone
  • Supplied in assorted colours: blue, yellow, orange, purple and green
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Info Full description
The Ocarina is a superb way for beginners to get to grips with woodwind instruments. The holes are located closer together for small hands to play, but far enough apart for larger hands to still be comfortable.

6 hole ocarinas such as the Ocarina Workshop OC6 provide you with more options when writing or learning new songs than their 4 hole counterparts.

They are made from impact resistant plastic, making them ideal for children.

They are tuned to concert pitch so you can play along with Play your Ocarina music books and CDs, and with other musical instruments. 
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