Nuvo jSax N510J Outfit

Ref: Nuvo N510JWBL new

  • Curved neck and bell and adjustable thumb rest
  • Includes moulded case, jSax fingering chart, 2x reeds, open hole key plugs and o-ring grease.
  • Suitable for beginners of any age but ideal for young musicians from age 5 upwards
  • Traditional saxophone fingering patterns which are directly transferable to a full size saxophone
  • Ultra-light construction, washable and durable
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Info Full description
The number of children and adults taking woodwind lessons has exploded in recent years. One reason this may be the case is due to the development of plastic woodwind and brass instruments. Having revolutionised this market, Nuvo is the dominating force in the plastic woodwind industry. The jSax, one of their best selling products, is the ideal instrument for children or adults wanting to take their first steps into woodwind playing.

The jSax, though simplified, remains loyal to its woodwind counterpart. It retains a traditional fingering system, which means that players can easily transfer their skills to a full-size instrument when the time is right. However, as with most of the other Nuvo instruments, it is pitched in C, making it easier to fit in with classroom or ensemble playing. It has a fully chromatic range from middle C to G an octave and a half higher.

This instrument comes as a complete outfit with two synthetic reeds (one each of strength 1.5 and 2), moulded case and carry strap. The reeds provided are designed for the beginner although further plastic reeds can be purchased in different strengths. Or, if preferred, the jSax is also compatible with traditional Eb cane reeds.

Older players may find a straighter option more comfortable for playing. If this is the case, Nuvo have produced a 'straighten your jSax’ kit. This contains a straight neck and bell to transform the curved instrument into a straight bodied version.

Like other Nuvo products, the jSax is completely waterproof, and so can simply be cleaned with soap and warm water, eliminating the need for expensive cleaning materials. Since the pads themselves are synthetic, there is no risk of water damage – simply drip dry before returning to the case.

With an authentic mellow tone, the jSax is a robust, easy-to-use introduction to woodwind playing. Thanks to Nuvo’s reinvention of woodwind instruments as we know them, there has never been an easier time to learn.
Spec Specification
Instrument weight240g
Boxed weight760g
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