NOV170265 - Fifteen Songs and Airs - Set 2 (Soprano Or Tenor) Default title

Fifteen Songs and Airs - Set 2 (Soprano Or Tenor)

9780853603399 brand: Novello
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Edited by Gerald Cooper. Read more
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Fifteen Songs and Airs - Set 2 (Soprano Or Tenor)

Edited by Gerald Cooper.

Come, All Ye Songsters Of The Sky (The Fairy Queen)
Hail To The Myrtle Shade (Theodosius)
Here Let My Life (If Ever I More Riches Did Desire)
I See She Flies Me Ev'rywhere (Aureng-zebe)
Love Quickly Is Pall'd (Timon Of Athens)
Man Is For The Woman Made (The Mock Marriage)
Music For A While (Oedipus)
One Charming Night Gives More Delight (The Fairy Queen)
Since From My Dear Astraea's Sight (Dioclesian)
Sound The Trumpet (The Duke Of Gloucester's Birthday Ode)
Take Not A Woman's Anger Ill (The Rival Sisters)
Tis Nature's Voice (An Ode On St. Cecilia's Day)
Welcome, More Welcome Does He Come (Welcome Song 'From Those Serene And Rapturous Joys')
What Shall I Do To Show How Much I Love Her (Dioclesian)
Your Awful Voice I Heard (The Tempest)170265 | Purcell Henry | Purcell Henry

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