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Nuvo jHorn - Black with black trim

Ref: Nuvo N610JHBBK new
  • Revolutionary new “brass” instrument for beginners of all ages
  • Can be pitched in Bb or C
  • Outfit includes moulded case and multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups
  • Much lighter than a traditional trumpet, only 0.7kg
  • Available in a range of eye-catching colour combinations
  • Patented rotary face valves
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Info Full description
The first completely new brass instrument to arrive on the market in many years! Nuvo’s jHorn takes its inspiration from baritone horn in terms of acoustics but is much smaller and weighing just 0.7kg is light enough for beginners as young as 4 to take their first steps in brass instrument playing. As with all their instruments, Nuvo aim to provide instruments that inspire and encourage young beginners. Inexpensive, durable and practical, this extraordinary family of products provide a great foundation and introduction to playing techniques which will then be transferred to full sized instruments once the player is ready to do so.

jHorn is the only Nuvo instrument pitched in Bb rather than concert pitch, however it is supplied with a set of C tubes to easily combine with the jSax, jFlute and Clarineo within the WindStars method. The design is durable, made from ABS resin and features patented rotary face valves. The multi-cup mouthpiece is supplied with 3 silicone cups replicating low, middle and high brass cup profiles. Standard trumpet, tenor horn and even small bore trombone mouthpieces are also compatible with jHorn.

Most musical instruments were designed many years ago with adult players in mind, but Nuvo and Chamberlain Music believe that children should start music early and have instruments available that will inspire and nurture their musical tendencies.

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