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Nuvo N430D DooD supplied with bag - Black with blue trim

Ref: Nuvo N430DBBL new
  • Pitched in C (concert pitch)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Recorder fingering with clarinet style mouthpiece and reed
  • Lightweight polymer construction with silicone bell and key covers
  • Now fitted with a new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand
  • 4 position adjustable thumb rest
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Info Full description
Ever since Nuvo siblings DooD and TooT first entered the market place, music educators have been delighted by the opportunities these new concept “bridge” instruments present. The DooD allows young children to start taking their first steps with a single reed instrument earlier than would previously have been possible. In addition, this instrument can add another tonal shade to primary music making ensembles.

A distant descendant of the traditional French instrument the Chalumeau, the DooD utilises the same fingering system as a recorder. This is backed up by a simple, durable key cover system which helps smaller hands to close the tone holes.

The instrument has a chromatic range of one octave. Two Nuvo reeds, a fingering chart and an instrument case are included as part of the set. In time, the player can move on either to stronger Nuvo reeds or even traditional cane reeds - Eb clarinet size and now soprano sax size will fit the Nuvo 2.0 mouthpiece. The DooD is waterproof and therefore very easy to clean - in a bowl of washing up, sink or even bath!

The new 2.0 DooD model includes Nuvo’s newly upgraded mouthpiece:

Mouthpiece – now fitted with new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand. Remains compatible with Nuvo’s plastic reeds in 1, 1.5 and 2 strength, the Legere Viib or cane Eb size clarinet reeds and now also soprano saxophone reeds.

The Nuvo WindStars curriculum is the perfect way to learn, WindStars1 is an introduction to music making and is suitable for Nuvo DooD, TooT and Recorder+. Check out the videos below and see the tutor and student books also available on this site. 

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