MG-BT1 - Moisture Guard woodwind and brass instrument filter Bass Trombone
MG-BT1 - Moisture Guard woodwind and brass instrument filter Bass Trombone
MG-BT1 - Moisture Guard woodwind and brass instrument filter Bass Trombone
MG-BT1 - Moisture Guard woodwind and brass instrument filter Bass Trombone

Moisture Guard woodwind and brass instrument filter - Bass Trombone

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  • Traps 90% of respiratory aerosols
  • Available for almost all brass and woodwind instruments
  • Getting wind and brass musicians playing again
  • Detailed study performed
  • Machine washable
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Info Full description

Filter covers for brass and woodwind instruments

As bands and orchestras are starting to perform together again, it is still vital that rehearsals and concerts are made safe for musicians and audience members alike.

Capturing over 90% of respiratory aerosols, without affecting sound, these innovative products offer the perfect solution for getting musicians rehearsing and performing together again in the Covid-19 era.

MoistureGuards are available for any brass or woodwind instrument, and can be washed for re-use. They represent a vital part in the progression to more music making in the immediate future.

How does it work?

The release of aerosol particles when playing wind and brass instruments have been key in the debate about safety while performing.

Dr Alex Parker, PhD, and the team at MoistureGuard worked with some of the top brass players in the country to conduct an experiment using 7 different brass instruments, detailing the transmission of these particles with and without the MoistureGuard. A six-channel laser particle counter was used to analyse the aerosols leaving the instrument when playing with the filter and without, sorting the droplets into size and type categories as well as scanning for quantities produced.

The conclusion was a significant reduction in the propagation of respiratory aerosols while using the filter. It has a 90% success rate in trapping these particles, helping you to make music safely again.

How will my instrument sound?

MoistureGuard have developed a filter that still allows sound to travel freely through the instrument, while still providing a safer playing environment, whether this be one to one tuition, school ensemble or bands, orchestras, wind and fanfare bands, brass band, or in-fact any activity involving brass or woodwind instruments.

Who is this for?

Staying safe when making music is a top priority in this Covid era. Not only is this product ideal for performance and rehearsal environments, it will also be crucial in returning to instrumental teaching and learning. Using the MoistureGuard filter, essential one-to-one tuition will, along with all additional recommended guidelines, be demonstrably safer allowing brass and woodwind teachers to return to work in schools and colleges.

Making music in the same space seems like a distant memory, so whether you have a community brass band or a school orchestra, the addition of the MoistureGuard filter will create a safer environment for you to start playing again. And with a vast range of sizes available, the whole ensemble will be covered!

The full range

There is a MoistureGuard filter available for almost every brass and woodwind instrument, see our drop-down menu for the full range.

The filters are reusable, however it is recommended that you wash your cover after each use either by hand or machine at 40°C. This product can also be tumble dried. It is supplied in its own resealable bag for hygiene purposes.

Each filter is designed to fit all typical bell sizes for their respective instruments


"An incredibly simple, yet effective product for today's environment. This will be a vital part of getting bands back into the bandroom, and great value pricing also!"

Russell Gray, Yamaha Artist and International Conductor

"You don't even realise it is on the instrument, no sound loss at all. Undoubtedly this will make banding safer in the Covid-19 era."

Matt Routley, Black Dyke Band

"This is brilliant - simple, inexpensive and it works! We shall be ordering for all music pupils in our region - great initiative from Centre Stage, well done!"

Mark Peacock, Educator and Conductor


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Spec Specification
Product Specifications
ClarinetPackage dimensions7.6 x 8.3cm
Weight0.004 kg
OboePackage dimensions7.6 x 8.3cm
Weight0.004 kg
Trumpet/CornetPackage dimensions7.6 x 8.3cm
Weight0.005 kg
Additional informationAlso suitable for piccolo trumpet and soprano cornet
Bass ClarinetPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.007 kg
BassoonPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.007 kg
Bass TrombonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.016 kg
Flugel HornPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.01 kg
Tenor HornPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.011 kg
Baritone HornPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.012 kg
EuphoniumPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.02 kg
TrombonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.012 kg
Eb TubaPackage dimensions19 x 19cm
Weight0.042 kg
Bb BassPackage dimensions19 x 19cm
Weight0.052 kg
Baritone SaxophonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.008 kg
Soprano SaxophonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.008 kg
Alto SaxophonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.007 kg
Tenor SaxophonePackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.01 kg
French HornPackage dimensions14 x 14cm
Weight0.27 kg
Additional informationA pre-cut incision has been provided for comfortable playing
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