Jupiter JFL-700 flute // Curved & straight heads

Ref: Jupiter JFL-700UE new
  • 92.5% silver riser lip plate greatly improves tone
  • EZ headjoint encourages easy blowing
  • Offset G and split E mechanisms
  • Pitched in C
  • Student flute designed to take a player up to grade 5 standard or beyond
  • Supplied as an outfit with hard case, 'French style’ canvas zip bag and cleaning materials
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Info Full description
The Jupiter JFL-700EC flute replaces the JFL-511ESSC which has been a consistent, reliable and quality flute over many years, making it an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate flute players. The JFL-700EC, its replacement, is identical but with a few improvements. This is a high-quality student flute outfit with great specification and fantastic intonation and tone, which make it a popular choice among schools, teachers and students alike.

A virtually solid silver lip plate riser gives a new dimension to this instrument, producing a rich and warm tone, and setting it apart from others in its price bracket. Furthermore, this flute feature an EZ head joint which encourages easy blowing and even tone. One of the most important developments is that it has been fitted with a .925 solid silver riser. This makes for better playability and significantly improves the tone of the instrument. The footjoint and keywork are also both silver plated which provide a greater depth of sound. As with most Jupiter instruments, the keywork is extremely precise and easy to play, making for a greater performance in all capacities.

The JFL-700EC comes as a complete outfit with hard case and a slim and stylish 'French style’ canvas zip carry bag. The stylish grey bag is finished with a white Jupiter logo and side pocked compartment for all of those handy cleaning materials. A handy over-the-shoulder strap makes the whole thing much easier to carry around, perfect for those late-night rehearsals or early-morning trips on the school bus. The hard black case with silver clasps opens to a velour burgundy lining which elegantly shows off your instrument, and this sits snugly within a soft wool-like lining, which provides cushioned protection. Complete with the outfit is a cleaning rod, silver polishing gauze and a helin cleaning cloth. With all of this, the JFL-700EC comes with all you could possibly need.

As with many flutes, this instrument is pitched in C. The ergonomic body comes with an offset G mechanism as opposed to an incline G. While both mechanisms are the same acoustically, an offset G is widely regarded as being easier to play. Offset G’s offer more natural hand positioning and are positioned on a separate steel rod which provides added strength and stability, thus making them less susceptible to damage.

This flute also comes with a split E mechanism. In other words, this helps a player to achieve greater clarity in the upper registers of the instrument, boosting confidence when playing. It also comes with the closed hole keys most commonly found on student instruments, as these are much easier to play than open holes and help a player gain confidence through the grades.

Although this is described as a 'student’ flute, this is not your everyday starter instrument. With a clean intonation in all registers, we recommend that a JFL-700EC could take you into the mid-range of grades with ease, if not beyond. This is a lovely flute with a mellow tone which we guarantee will prove a worthwhile investment.

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