GP-500BP - Casio Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano Default title
GP-500BP - Casio Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano Default title
GP-500BP - Casio Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano Default title
GP-500BP - Casio Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano Default title

Casio Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano

Ref: Casio GP-500BP new

  • 3 stunning new piano samples, Berlin grand, Vienna grand and Hamburg grand
  • 88 note wooden key action with newly developed grand piano action
  • All new Flagship Casio Grand Hybrid combining digital and acoustic for a new level of realism!
  • Developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein - makers of some of the world's finest acoustic pianos
  • Interest free finance available (subject to eligibility and status)
  • The feel of a real grand piano but with no maintenance!
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Info Full description
What we think of the Casio GP-500 digital piano

The new Casio GP500 sits at the very top of Casio's digital piano offering, the very pinnacle of their technology. A completely new venture for Casio, they have entered the Yamaha dominated market of hybrid digital pianos, combining the convenience of digital pianos with the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. Where Yamaha have used real actions in their hybrids, Casio has worked closely with C. Bechstein to produce a new and unique action system which reproduces all of the internal movements of a grand piano action while completely removing any need for maintenance. All new grand piano samples have been taken from 3 of Europe's finest concert grand pianos, all of which are fully editable and the end result is remarkable. At this price point, there simply isn't a better digital piano!

Three legendary pianos, their individual character and tone faithfully recreated

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces even subtle nuances of the world’s most respected pianos. Three pianos that originate in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna were chosen for this project. CASIO has painstakingly researched and analyzed the unique characteristics of each piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers brilliant sound of these pianos reproduced with CASIO’s advanced technology. It will provide the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on earth.

AiR Grand Sound Source

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid incorporates AiR Grand Sound Source, a newly developed system using CASIO’s state-of-the-art sound technologies. It includes many impressive features. Multi-dimensional Morphing delivers smooth changes between soft and strong playing. Acoustic Simulator reproduces the characteristics of sounds produced by acoustic grand pianos. The authenticity generated by the AiR Grand Sound Source ensures a pure piano experience.

Sound Development in Collaboration

The Berlin Grand sound was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein. CASIO sought a clear, balanced and elegant sound for CELVIANO Grand Hybrid. D282, C. Bechstein’s ultimate masterpiece, is the model CASIO intensively studied to achieve the goal. Mr. Albrecht, Service Director and Master Piano Maker at C. Bechstein, visited CASIO R&D to supervise the sound development process through the final modification.

Your performance demands authenticity, it begins at the first touch

The player’s movement is transformed into music with many important factors. The most tangible factor is the keys. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers authenticity from the first touch. The revolutionary new Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with full-length, wooden keys. Its new mechanism incorporates real hammers that follow the same path of motion as in a concert grand piano. When the lid is lifted, you can see the hammers in motion through a clear panel as you play. Going beyond a standard acoustic mechanism, this new action allows faster note repetition than acoustic pianos, while maintaining a true piano touch.

Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard

For an authentic piano touch, CASIO has developed a new keyboard system called the “Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard”. This keyboard system features full-length wooden keys as well as hammers that follow the same path of motion as in a concert grand piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid features keys that are manufactured using exactly the same materials as acoustic grand piano. Careful attention is paid not only to finish of the surfaces of the keys but also to the quality of the wood employed for the key beds. This combination of an outstanding action mechanism and superior-quality key materials further enhances the sensation of playing an acoustic grand piano.

The Grand Hybrid experience goes far beyond playing piano

Play a legendary space - CELVIANO Grand Hybrid includes a Hall Simulator featuring numerous world-class performance venues. Using advanced analysis and signal processing, CASIO has recreated the acoustic characteristics of renowned concert halls, opera houses, cathedrals and other performance spaces around the world. You can instantly select one of these settings, creating an immersive atmosphere for your performance.

Play with a symphony orchestra - CELVIANO Grand Hybrid’s Concert Play feature gives you the role of solo pianist with an orchestral performance. The sound system plays the orchestral part accompanying you. Works by Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, Smetana and others are featured. The tempo of these pieces can be slowed down to facilitate practice.

Lid Simulator

The volume and timbre of sound produced by a grand piano change depending on the degree to which the lid is open or closed. The Lid Simulator simulates these acoustic effects digitally.


- 88-key, Grand Hybrid action
- 5 levels of touch sensitivity, plus off
- AiR Grand sound source with 256 note polyphony
- 35 built-in tones including:
•- Berlin Grand (mellow, normal, bright)
- Vienna Grand (mellow, normal, bright)
- Hamburg Grand (mellow, normal, bright)
•- Grand Piano (modern, rock, jazz)
- Electric piano (1, 2, FM, 60's)
- Harpsichord
- Strings (1,2)
- Organ (pipe, jazz, elec 1, elec 2)
- Bass (acoustic, ride)
- 17 temperament types
- 5 types of stretch tuning plus off and auto setting

- Layer/Split/Duet voice modes
- Digital effects including:
- Hall simulator (12 types x 4 positions)
- Chorus (4 types)
- Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3)
- DSP (built into some tones)

- Acoustic simulator with adjustable:
- Damper resonance
- Damper noise
- Hammer response
- String resonance
- Lid Simulator
- Open String resonance
- Aliquot resonance
- Pedal action noise
- Key on action noise
- Key off action noise

Song Library including:
- 5 Concert Play
- 60 Music Library
- 6 Demo
- 10 User expansion songs

• - Part on/off lesson feature, right hand/left hand
• - Metronome
• - 2 track, 1 song MIDI record facility
• - USB audio recorder, 25 minutes approx per song
• - Key transpose
• - Adjustable master tuning A4 = 415.5 Hz - 440.0 Hz - 465.9 Hz
• - 3 pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
• - MIDI IN/OUT ports
• - 2 x 16cm speakers, plus 2 x 10cm and 2 x 5cm speakers
• - 2 x 30 watt plus 2 x 20 watt amplifiers
• - Inputs/Outputs inclu

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