G811S A frame for baby grand pianos with brakes

Ref: Piano Workshop G811S-BRAKE new

  • 3 durable double castors on each leg make the piano very easy to move
  • An Easy-Fit model with 'cups' in each corner for the existing piano castors to sit in - no DIY or modification of the piano required!
  • British built metal A-frame for baby grand pianos
  • Fully adjustable and easily fitted to virtually any smaller grand piano, up to 5'3
  • Helps with overall tuning stabilty of the piano as well as protecting the structure of the instrument
  • Ideal for a school, theatre or church where the piano is likely to be moved around frequently
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Info Full description
The G811S-BRAKE 'A' frame is designed to fit virtually any smaller grand piano between up to 5'3. These frames are incredibly easy to fit as it is simply a case of lifting each leg into the appropriate slot on the frame. There is no need to remove the castors either, the frame is specifically designed to house them. Each leg of the grand piano slots into a small compartment within the frame which then in turn has 3 double rubber castors fitted. Moving the piano with one of these frames fitted is incredibly easy even for one person.

These frames are popular with schools, theatres and churches as it makes a grand piano easy to position and also helps retain the overall tuning stability of the instrument, as well as protecting the structure of the piano.

The G811S-BRAKE model is fitted with brakes on each corner to help keep the piano in position, particularly useful if the pianist is somewhat enthusiastic with their playing!

Although designed to be very easy to fit, the piano does required lifing into the frame. Pianos are, of course, extremely heavy so do please call our piano department on 01483 647 593 should you require a quote to fit the 'A' frame to your piano.

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