Mighty Sound M2 Overdrive guitar effects pedal

Ref: FZone FZM2 new

  • Compact and housed in a metal chassis
  • Ideal for playing Blues or Rock music
  • Low, high, gain and overall level knobs
  • Mains powered with 9V adaptor (not included)
  • Smooth and open overdiven tone
  • True Bypass circuitry to minimise tone loss
inc. VAT (RRP £35)
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Info Full description
The mighty sound overdrive pedal is a very compact, making it ideal for home use or to become part of an existing pedal board.

It produces an open sound and a smooth overdriven tone which can be adjusted by tweaking the low and high frequency knobs as well as gain and overall level for a more personalised sound. Built in true bypass minimises any tone being lost between the guitar and amp for a clearer sound.

Despite this excellent dynamic response and open sound, the casing is small and delicate, and thus easily transportable.

It is all housed within a very durable aluminium alloy housing and features in and out 1/4" jack sockets and requires 9V mains adaptor FZ9V2A (not included). 
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