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Pearl Quantz Forza 525 series flute outfit

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  • Part of the Pearl Quantz range
  • Silver-plated headjoint with .925 solid lip-plate and riser
  • Closed holes & Offset G key
  • French-style Pointed key-arms
  • Ergonomic keywork
  • Split E Mechanism
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Info Full description

Professional quality sound

The Quantz series embodies ingenuity, innovation and diversity, and is totally unique in the flute making industry. Aspiring flautists have never been so fortunate.

The F525E is perfect for those looking at the next step up to their student flute. This flute in the Quantz series has all the great features of the previous models with the addition of a solid silver lip plate, producing a warm and sweet tone.

The design of the versatile 525 model enables flute players to concentrate on the essentials of flute playing whilst encouraging proper technique and posture. This way less time is spent adjusting technique, and more time is spent having fun and playing!

The Forza headjoint

The handmade Forza headjoint represents the latest in innovation from the team at Pearl . It combines a light response with precise articulation, and because of its shape has a broad spectrum of tone colours and dynamic range. The tone stability and response are also greatly improved - an exciting prospect for many teachers and students alike.

Made for longevity

All flutes in the 525 series are made from nickel silver, producing a warm and resonant tone. They are also silver plated to protect from corrosion and for an attractive finish. To further protect from corrosion, all 525 flutes feature a pinless mechanism. Additionally, this gives a stable connection between moving parts so your flute will last you well into the beginner grades and beyond.

The construction quality of the Quantz series is endlessly positive, and with features such a one-piece core-bar construction, the playing comfort and life span of the instrument surpass expectation.

Key Features

The off-set G key provided is adapted to the natural positioning of the hand and eases the posture when playing the flute. This in addition to the ergonomic key design allows smooth and comfortable movement across the keys - great for those long runs and tricky scales.

The stand out feature of the F525E are the French pointed arms - a feature that is unusual to find in a student flute series. This not only increases durability, but also creates a better seal and a smoother feel under the fingers. Also included is a split-E mechanism for smooth transitions to the third octave E.

With the addition of a silver lip plate, the F525E is responsive and allows for a full range of expression - perfect for the developing player.

What's in the box?

Every thing you need to look after your instrument is included in this outfit:

  • Faux leather-bound wooden case
  • Plush-lined case cover
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cleaning cloth

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