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Hello, Mister Gillock! Hello, Carl Czerny!

ISBN: 9790004179888, Ref: EB8627 new

  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • Includes works by Carl Czerny, William Gillock
  • Delightful Piano Pieces for All Occasions
  • London College of Music piano grades 3 & 4
  • edited by Elisabeth Haas, Martina Schneider, Karin Strebl, Rosemarie Trzeja and Veronika Weinhandl
  • Illustration: Martina Schneider
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Info Full description
Carl Czerny (1791-1857) and William Gillock (1917-1993) unfortunately did not have the opportunity to meet each other personally. But in her witty comic strips, Martina Schneider brings the two men together by means of a trans-Atlantic phone call.

Both composers exchange brief comments about their masterpieces, musically demanding "little" etudes and studies. Though they each speak their own language, have no fear: its all translated! What the 27 "Delightful Piano Pieces for All Occasions" have in common is that they are all ideal both for teaching and recital purposes.

Czerny Op. 139 No. 24, No. 38, No. 40, No. 59, No. 72, No. 88
Czerny Op. 261 No. 69
Czerny Op. 481 No. 27
Czerny Op. 599 No. 56, No. 73, No. 86
Czerny Op. 718 No. 11
Czerny Op. 821 No. 88
Gillock Capriccietto
Gillock Carnival in Rio
Gillock Castanets
Gillock Flamenco
Gillock Mission Bells
Gillock Mister Trumpet Man
Gillock Moonlight
Gillock Sarabande
Gillock Summertime Blues
Gillock Taking it easy
Gillock The Constant Bass
Gillock The Juggler
Gillock Yo-Yo Tricks 
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