Student cello outfit - 1/2 size

Ref: Chamberlain Music CB290-12 new
  • Available in the following sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
  • Fitted with an alloy tail piece and integral fine tuners
  • FOC set-up from our luthiers
  • Manufactured utilising laminate tonewoods
  • Sold as an outfit including case, bow and rosin
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Info Full description
The outfit includes hard case, rosin and good quality bow; everything a beginner needs to start to learn to play. The Cello has a nice and warm sounding tone that has been manufactured from laminate tone woods, making for a much more sturdy starter instrument. It has hardwood fingerboard and pegs for extra durability and fine tuners that make this cello easier to tune which is a much need resource when starting to play.

Unlike other student models you may have seen, this model comes with a hardcase, rather than a padded gig bag which in many ways is a big plus, as it provides far more protection in transit. Although heavier than a gig bag, at a total weight of under 6kgs with the instrument in the case, it is not unmanageable. In fact with its strong carry handle , shoulder straps and built-in wheels transporting has become easier. It has both internal and external pockets for sheet music and accessories to be stored.

We like go a step further and ensure that all of our cellos are set up by our technicians, before we ship out to you so that each instrument is ready to play from the case.

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