Used Yamaha CF6 handcrafted grand piano

Ref: Yamaha CF6-EX used

  • 88 keys with Ivorite naturals and wood composite sharps
  • A wonderful choice of larger domestic or performance piano, supplied with a 5 year warranty and a complimentary bespoke setup
  • Bespoke, specially selected CF hammers and uniquely designed soundboard
  • c.2012, Serial No: 6310600
  • Fully handcrafted 6'11 grand piano in an elegant polished ebony cabinet
  • Hand-poured sand cast iron frame for improved tonality
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Info Full description
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The Yamaha CF6 represents the very finest quality piano manufacture that Japan has to offer, sharing much in common with the flagship CFX concert grand. Yamaha has gone completely back to the drawing board for the CF series, redesigning everything to create a refined tonality, resonance and playability that is second to none.

6'11'' is often said to be the perfect size for a grand piano and it is certainly true to say that all Yamaha models of this size play, sound and ultimately sell very well indeed. The CF6, however, is much more refined than their other 6'11 models, the C6X and S6BB.

This particular instrument comes to us from a conservatoire where it has been used as a second instrument since being installed in c.2012. It has been meticulously maintained and is consequently in excellent condition throughout.

Yamaha has made a number of improvements to the design of its premium piano range, most notably:

The size of the rim and the processes used to manufacture it have been overhauled to provide greater strength. This gives the instrument a firmer feel and provides support for a presence that can be felt in the farthest regions of a hall.

The thick bass string coils have been overhauled to provide a deeper and richer sound.

Bridge materials
The bridge is crucially important as this transmits the vibrations of the strings through to the soundboard. Materials used in its production have been reevaluated to match the new design of the CF series. String tension balance has also been rethought to provide a stable, clear sound.

Much like the skin of a drum the soundboard is what amplifies and projects a pianos tone. Yamaha has improved their soundboard shaping techniques ultimately allowing the soundboard to vibrate more freely. This in turn results in the maximum amount of resonance, giving the instrument a spacious sound with a strong attack.

Bespoke CF hammers
The lambs wool hammer covering material has carefully selected, and the hammers themselves have been redesigned to emphasise a balance with the overall instrument design.

Cabinet design
The concept behind the design of the CF Series is described as the embodiment of "Power and Beauty". As such the casework of the piano has been redesigned, giving the piano an elegant silhouette that inspires an impression of tone. Yamaha say the smooth lines and minimalist design incorporates fewer unnecessary elements in an effort to avoid impeding the creativity and expression of the performer. Very much built with the musician in mind, every part, from the legs and supports, to the sideboards and rear of the soundboard, have been joined together beautifully, giving a pure, simple silhouette intended to direct attention towards performer.

A newly designed pedal box
The internal mechanism of the pedal system builds on the heritage of the models preceding the CFIIIS, with a redesigned configuration intended to provide superior playability.

Yamaha CF pianos are finished in a deeper and richer gloss black than their CX and S series counterparts, exuding a certain elegance only attainable with the purchase of a CF series piano.

Frame design
Better attack, tone and sustain than ever before is achieved by a new grid layout for the tuning pin area. 
Spec Specification
All Yamaha pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses. Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.Chamberlain Music warranty: 5 years
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