Used Yamaha C1 grand piano in polished mahogany - SOLD

Ref: Yamaha C1L-6109312 used

  • 5'3 in length, known as a 'baby grand' and an ideal domestic size
  • Beautiful polished mahogany Yamaha C series grand piano in as excellent condition
  • c.2006, Serial No: 6109312
  • Elegant cabinet design with brass fittings and a soft closing keyboard fall
  • Japanese built with solid spruce soundboard, 88 keys and 3 pedals including sostenuto
  • One domestic owner since purchased new from Chamberlain Music in 2006
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Info Full description
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The Yamaha C1 grand piano is a tremendously popular, compact Yamaha grand piano, finding favour with a great many teachers, schools, theatres and professional musicians. At 5'3'' in length, the piano is small enough to fit into a standard domestic environment whilst sounding considerably richer than its size would suggest. The model also shares a great many components and design philosophy with the larger C2, C3, C5, C6 and C7 models, making it an ideal compromise if space is at a premium.

This particular piano is a model 'C1L', an ancestor of the current C1X from two model generations ago, and a refined instrument throughout. The design of the C1L benefits from fine quality hammer felt and bespoke strings and has a really lovely, responsive touch of a medium weight.

Our Yamaha C1L-PM is in a rich polished mahogany veneer cabinet and is beautifully finished, and has just been serviced by our in house technical team. With one domestic owner from new the piano remains in wonderful condition throughout and is worth considering if you are looking for a small Yamaha grand piano. It is currently on display and ready to try in our Haslemere showroom alongside the new Yamaha GB1K and C1X, among other new and used grand pianos. 
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