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Paesold 1/2 cello bow

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  • Frog Material: Ebony
  • Ornamentation: Single Eye
  • Shape of Stick: Round
  • Tip: Synthetic
  • Winding/Mounting of the Frog: Nickel Silver
  • Wood: Brazil
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Info Full description
Selecting a bow will always be a matter of taste. Weight, balance, shape of the head or frog, round or octagonal bow shape are all criteria that players consider. Whichever Paesold bow the player chooses they can rely on the fact that the quality levels will exactly meet or even exceed the demanded level of the chosen bow.

All wood used for making Paesold bows is air dried in the traditional manner. To help determine wood quality in the early stages of bow construction Paesold employs the use of Arcometer® testing. Unique to Paesold, this testing combined with visual and physical inspection by Master Bowmakers ensures perfectly weighted, consistantly high quality balanced bows. At this stage of the construction process, each stick is graded in the Paesold manner in relation to its model and mounting materials. As work progresses on each stick, they are frequently visually inspected for defects and physically tested in the traditional manner of bow making to ensure the potential playing qualities of the bow are fully realized.

To add color to the stick and bring out the figure in the wood, Paesold employs the traditional method of using ultraviolet light. After this the sticks are French Polished with shellac.

Paesold's master bowmakers travel to Brazil to personally inspect and select the best obtainable trees for their production of pernambuco and brazilwood bows. Before this wood can be used for bow making it must first be allowed to air dry naturally for many years. Only then does it fulfil the specific requirements needed in making Paesold bows. Weight, balance and flexibility are the determining factors in the playing qualities of all bows. Paesold's master craftsmen have become experts at interpreting each piece of bow wood to achieve the optimum combination of these essential qualities. 

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