Boomwhackers expansion pack - Standard sharps and flats (5)

Ref: Boomwhackers BOOM-BWCG new
  • 5 sharps/flats for a standard octave - C# (Db), D# (Eb), F# (Gb), G# (Ab) and A# (Bb)
  • Colour coded notes that match our KB10 chime bars and CB combi handbells
  • Combine with BOOM-BWDG to create a full 12 note chromatic octave
  • Forms a pentatonic scale on its own
  • Tubes range in length from 33cm - 58.4cm
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Info Full description
This treble extension set starts a note above the last note of the C major scale.

Boomwhackers are tuned percussion tubes, brightly coloured, affordable, easy to play and lots of fun.

Play them on a hard flat surface, hitting the floor with the whole length gives the loudest sound.
Spec Specification
C# (Db)red
D# (Eb)orange
F# (Gb)green
G# (Ab)blue
A# (Bb)purple
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