Black leather baton display case with two 12" batons inside

Ref: Vincent Bach BC17 new

  • Black leather covered baton case
  • Complete with two 12'' batons made with solid wood handles
  • Fitted with two, brass coloured, snap shut catches to keep the case securely closed
  • Plush, wine coloured velour interior
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Info Full description
This is a nicely produced item, ideal for the aspiring music student or professional. The case is covered in high quality, black leather which hinges open to show a wine red, crushed velvet interior. Nestled inside are two 12'' batons each with a nicely grained, hard wood handle which has been finished in a smooth almost 'french polished' way. The handle is pear drop shaped and is comfortable to hold whilst the white shaft of the baton is nicely weighted and easy to see, even from the back row of an orchestra or chorus.

This case and batons would make an excellent gift - perhaps for the music teacher at the end of term or even for the music student or amateur conductor. 
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