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Marian Hymns book 2 for solo voice and organ

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Great significance is attached to the Marian antiphons along with the cult of the veneration of the Virgin Mary. This two volume edition contains Latin settings of Marian antiphons from the 18th to the 20th centuries. The first volume, already published, contains settings of the Marian antiphon Salve Regina, whilst the second volume contains the three other Marian antiphons and the Marian hymn Ave maris stella.
These two volumes contain an anthology of works by Johann Michael Haydn, Bruckner, Gounod, Dvorak , Elgar, Grieg, Liszt, Mendelssohn a. o. which have been arranged for medium voice and organ without compromising any of the originality of the pieces.

- Practical performing edition for use in the mass and at church concerts
- Well-known settings of moderate technical difficulty

Contents Contents
Vorwort / PrefaceComposer / Author:Haydn, MichaelAlma Redemptoris MH 533Basso continuo: Peter WagnerComposer / Author:Rheinberger, Josef GabrielArranger:Wagner, PeterAlma Redemptoris op. 171 / 2aComposer / Author:Strategier, HermaAlma Redemptoris op. 15aComposer / Author:Adam, Adolphe CharlesArranger:Wagner, PeterAve Regina coelorumComposer / Author:Bruckner, AntonAve Regina coelorumComposer / Author:Gounod, CharlesArranger:Wagner, PeterAve Regina coelorumComposer / Author:Haydn, MichaelArranger:Wagner, PeterAve Regina coelorum MH 14Composer / Author:Rheinberger, Josef GabrielArranger:Wagner, PeterAve Regina coelorum op. 171 / 6Composer / Author:Strategier, HermanAve Regina coelorum op. 15bComposer / Author:Gounod, CharlesArranger:Wagner, PeterRegina coeliComposer / Author:Langlais, JeanRegina coeliComposer / Author:Rheinberger, Josef GabrielRegina coeli op. 171 / 5aComposer / Author:Adam, Adolphe CharlesArranger:Wagner, PeterAve maris stellaComposer / Author:Dvorak, AntoninAve maris stella op. 19bComposer / Author:Elgar, EdwardArranger:Wagner, PeterAve maris stella Composer / Author:Grieg, EdvardAve maris stella EG 150Composer / Author:Liszt, FranzAve maris stellaComposer / Author:Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixArranger:Wagner, PeterAve maris stellaBiographische Notizen / Biographical Notes
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