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The Aria Book 1: Soprano

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Title: The Aria Book. Soprano, Volume 1 Read more
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The Aria Book 1: Soprano

Title: The Aria Book. Soprano, Volume 1
Accompanying Brochure english
Englische Ausgabe
Detailed instrumentation: Soprano solo, Piano
Arranger: Wernhard, Eike
Editor: Lehmann, Charlotte
Product format: Piano reduction, Anthology
Includes the following individual parts: Soprano solo, Piano
Language(s) of work: English
Publisher: Barenreiter
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 377 g

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Contents Contents
Meiner Liebsten schone Wangen. Arie aus "Bastien und Bastienne" KV 50, Nr. 11//Erwache, fauler Knecht. Arie aus "Die Schuldigkeit des Ersten Gebots" KV 35, Nr. 3
Laetari, iocari. Arie aus "Apollo und Hyacinth" KV 38, Nr. 4
Si, ma d'un altro Amore. Cavatine aus "Ascanio in Alba" KV 111, Nr. 13
Amoretti. Arie aus "La finta semplice" KV 51, Nr. 15
Se il labbro più non dice. Arie aus "Ascanio in Alba" KV 111, Nr. 8
Spiega il desio, le piume. Arie aus "Ascanio in Alba" KV 111, Nr. 19
Geliebte Seel'
Betracht dies Herz". Rezitativ und Arie aus "Grabmusik" KV 42
Fra i pensier. Rezitativ und Arie aus Lucio Silla" KV 135, Nr. 22
Rondeaux aus re pastore" KV 208, Nr. 10
Al chiaror di que' bei rai. Arie aus "Ascanio in Alba" KV 111, Nr. 17
Barbaro! oh Dio mi vedi. Arie aus "Il re pastore" KV 208, Nr. 8
Nel grave tormento. Rezitativund Arie aus "Mitridate, Re di Ponto" KV 87, Nr. 14
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