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Music Theory for Young Musicians Grade 1 Second Edition

ISBN: 9789671000311, Ref: ALF9671000312 new

  • Instrumentation: Theory
  • by Ying Ying Ng
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Info Full description
This second edition of Music Theory For Young Musicians brings the practice exercises and examples in the text up to date with the latest ABRSM exam requirements. It also includes many clarifications that update the presentation of the ideas and concepts in the book and thus improve its logical flow:

It adds a specimen test in the exam format and provides a set of revision notes on the key areas.
All exercises and examples have been revised and many new exercise drills have been added.
Concept explanations have been simplified for greater ease of understanding.
The book's layout has been made clearer by putting the main text against a white background.
Additionally, a background colour has been given to each information note to make it more visually inviting. 
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