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Piece en forme de Habanera (oboe & piano)

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As a prestigious composer of the early 20th century, Maurice Ravel's Piece En Forme De Habanera For Oboe, transcribed for the Oboe by Fernand Gillet, or for Cor Anglais by G. A. Leduc, contains many features which continue to make the composer's music popular and loved to this day.

Known for his masterful melodies and rich harmonies, Piece En Forme De Habanera For Oboe clearly exemplifies these qualities through flourishing Oboe or Cor Anglais lines and evocative, chordal and rhythmic Piano accompaniments. Moreover, Habanera rhythms heard throughout the piece create further excitement. All of these musical elements combine to create a highly enjoyable piece for the Oboe and Cor Anglais repertoire. In addition, the clear print of separate solo and accompaniment parts in this edition make it an irresistible purchase for aspiring Oboe and Cor Anglais players. 
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