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Trois Pieces

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Info Full description
Composed by Jehan Alain, Trois Pieces is a set of upper intermediate / advanced works for Organ, with pedal-use.
The first piece, Variations sur un theme de Clement Jannequin (Variations on a Clement Jannequin's tune , should be played in the same way as Couperin's Praeludes: freshly and softly . It contains four distinctive parts: Affetuoso, Maggiore, Fuggato and Grave. The second piece is called Le jardin suspendu (The hanging garden) and features three different parts that can t be played separately. The last piece, Litanies, is quite religious and consists of the repetition of lamentations. Its introduction in Vivo is played only by the right hand, then followed by a Lirico ma sempre vivo part. These are followed by switches between the main tempo and some Vivacissimo parts, sounding declamatory. This third piece ends really harmoniously.

Jehan Alain is a French organist who became famous with his Suite for Organ . Student of Marcel Dupre and Roger Ducasse among others, he kept composing all his life. One of his most famous international pieces is 'Litanies'. 
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