ADV7052 - Tre Pezzi Op 81e Default title

Tre Pezzi Op 81e

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Unaccompanied Saxophone Virtuoso 3-movement work. Recorded by Norman Des Chenes (Conventus Musicus CM 105).
A melody with wide-ranging curves opens, in very slow tempo, the first piece.
A motoric Presto section suddenly breaks the atmosphere. This is repeated - with varying emphases - several times in the course of the movement. A brief, lively coda concludes the Monologue.
In "Contrasts", different bird-call patterns are brought into play against each other, in a way like mobiles. Virtuoso runs, flutter-tonguing and rubato playing are important elements in the final Presto. 
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Content - Monolog - Gegensätzliches - Presto
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