AB-60961960 - Time Pieces for B Flat Saxophone, Volume 1 Default title

Time Pieces for B Flat Saxophone, Volume 1

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Music through the Ages in 2 Volumes. Time Pieces is an exciting series of repertoire which explores the wealth of music written from the 15th century to the present day. The pieces are presented chronologically within each volume and all include the year in which they were written, so you get a feel for different styles of music through time. 
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A Christmas Tune [Gordon Jacob]; A Romp [Anon.]; The Rune of the Weaver [Anon.]; A Plain Song [Anon.]; Fine Knacks for Ladies from Second Book of Songs or Ayres [John Dowland]; In Sherwood livde stout Robin Hood from Fourth Booke of Ayres [Robert Jones]; extra5extra6extra7Size2Size3?????+????????????????AB-609619606???ABRSM619606?????????????????????????????u????????????????????????????enley, Ian0????TF-8619469???UTF-8619609??????fERNEL32.DLL???Denley, Ian6???TF-8619606???TF-8623256???C)???????TF-8619462???enley, Ian2???k???p???u???z?????????????????????????????¢???§???¬???±??
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