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Bach the Anna Magdalena Bach Book of 1725

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This authoritative new edition of the book contains the keyboard pieces only from the collection, including the well-known Minuet in G and Prelude in C, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I. Also contains invaluable advice on appropriate tempo, phrasing, articulation and ornamentation in accordance with contemporary performance practice. 
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Menuet in F, BWV Anh. II 113 [Anon.]; Menuet [I] in G, BWV Anh. II 114 [Petzold]; Menuet [II] in G minor, BWV Anh. II 115 [Petzold]; 'Les Bergeries', Rondeau in B flat [F Couperin]; Menuet in G, BWV Anh. II 116 [Anon.]; Polonaise in F [First Version], BWVextra5extra6extra7Size2Size3?????+????????????????SM1854729514???TF-8295074?????????????????????????????u????????????????????????????TF-8295071????ABRSM295147???TF-8295147??????fERNEL32.DLL???9781854729514???TF-8293781???UTF-8295141???C)???????AB-547295147???cript4914???k???p???u???z?????????????????????????????¢???§???¬???±???¶???»
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