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Baroque Flute Pieces, Book II

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This five-volume graded anthology acts as an introduction to the flute music of the early- and mid-eighteenth century. All important composers of flute music of the period are represented,... Read more
  • Instrumentation: Flute
  • Edited by: Richard Jones
  • Attractive selection of 18th-century flute music
  • Includes ornament realizations, breathing suggestions and advice on tonguing
  • Notes on each piece introduce the composers and often advise on dynamics and speeds
  • Includes a separate, fingered continuo part
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Baroque Flute Pieces, Book II

This five-volume graded anthology acts as an introduction to the flute music of the early- and mid-eighteenth century. All important composers of flute music of the period are represented, starting with the French pioneers La Barre and Hotteterre, and culminating in the great Germans Handel and Bach.

Texts faithfully follow the original sources, any editorial additions being carefully differentiated as such. These marks, which include ornament realizations and breathing suggestions, together with the editorial notes that accompany each piece, are designed to help the progressing flautist to cultivate an authentic playing style. In addition, useful information is given about the composers represented and about the pieces selected and the sources from which they are drawn.

A separate continuo part is provided, allowing the bass line to be doubled on cello or viola da gamba, in accordance with standard continuo practice. This part, in which the bass is figured, may also be used by keyboard players who wish to improvise their own accompaniment.

72 pages
Publication date: 03/08/1995 

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Contents Contents
Adagio and Allegro from Sonata in D, HWV 378George Frideric Handel
Rondeau L’Affligé from Pieces, Op. 4Michel de La Barre
Gavotte La Maillebois from Pieces, Op. 2Jacques-Martin Hotteterre
Affettuoso from Sonata in D, Op. 5 No. 4Jean Baptiste Loeillet
Lentement from Sonata in G, TWV 41:G11Georg Philipp Telemann
Piva from Sonata No. 10 in E minorJohan Helmich Roman
Largo from Sonata in A, Op. 2 No. 7Pietro Antonio Locatelli
Adagio from Sonata in E minor, Op. 2 No. 1Jean-Marie Leclair
Largo and Presto from Sonata No. 4 in G minorThomas Roseingrave
Allegro ma non trop[po from Sonata in E minor, Op. 3 No. 7Jean Baptiste Loeillet
Minuet from Sonata in G, Op. 2 No. 1Giovanni Battista Sammartini
Menuet from Solo in E minor, Op. 4 No. 2John Stanley
Menuet 1 & 2 from Sonata in C, BWV 1033Johann Sebastian Bach
Siciliana from Sonata in E flat, BWV 1031Johann Sebastian Bach
Aria 6: Tempo di Minuetto (from Partia No. 2 in GTWV 41:G2)Georg Philipp Telemann
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