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The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I

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The Well-Tempered Clavier is published as part of ABRSM's ‘Signature’ Series - a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars.... Read more
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The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I

The Well-Tempered Clavier is published as part of ABRSM's ‘Signature’ Series - a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars. Includes informative introductions and performance notes. Winner of the Music Retailers Association's Standard Publication Award for 1994. 

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Contents Contents
24 Preludes and Fugues, BWV 846-869Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 1 in C, BWV 846/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 1. â 4. in C, BWV 846/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 2 in c minor, BWV 847/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 2. â 3. in c minor, BWV 847/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 3 in C sharp, BWV 848/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 3. â 3. in C sharp, BWV 848/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 4 in c sharp minor, BWV 849/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 4. â 5. in c sharp minor, BWV 849/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 5 in D, BWV 850/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 5. â 4. in D, BWV 850/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 6 in d minor, BWV 851/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 6. â 3. in d minor, BWV 851/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 7 in E fllat, BWV 852/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 7. â 3. in E flat, BWV 852/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 8 in e flat/d sharp minor, BWV 853/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 8. â 3. in e flat/d sharp minor, BWV 853/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 9 in E, BWV 854/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 9. â 3. in E, BWV 854/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 10 in e minor, BWV 855/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 10. â 2. in e minor, BWV 855/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 11 in F, BWV 856/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 11. â 3. in F, BWV 856/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 12 in f minor, BWV 857/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 12. â 4. in f minor, BWV 857/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 13 in F sharp, BWV 858/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 13. â 3. in F sharp, BWV 858/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 14 in f sharp minor, BWV 859/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 14. â 4. in f sharp minor, BWV 859/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 15 in G, BWV 860/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 15. â 3. in G, BWV 860/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 16 in g minor, BWV 861/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 16. â 4. in g minor, BWV 861/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 17 in A flat, BWV 862/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 17. â 4. in A flat, BWV 862/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 18 in g sharp minor, BWV 863/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 18. â 4. in g sharp minor, BWV 863/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 19 in A, BWV 864/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 19. â 3. in A, BWV 864/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 20 in a minor, BWV 865/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 20. â 4. in a minor, BWV 865/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 21 in B flat, BWV 866/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 21. â 3. in B flat, BWV 866/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 22 in b flat minor, BWV 867/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 22. â. 5. in b flat minor, BWV 867/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 23 in B, BWV 868/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 23. â 4. in B, BWV 868/2Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium 24 in b minor, BWV 869/1Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga 24. â 4. in b minor, BWV 869/2Johann Sebastian Bach
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