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Sixty Pieces for Aspiring Players, Book I

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Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750-1813), who held the post of director of music at Halle University, was responsible for the most influential keyboard tutor of its day, the monumental Klavierschule.... Read more
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Sixty Pieces for Aspiring Players, Book I

Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750-1813), who held the post of director of music at Halle University, was responsible for the most influential keyboard tutor of its day, the monumental Klavierschule. He also wrote these two books of practical pieces to accompany it. Progressing from the simplest two-part pieces to more complex works practising various aspects of technique, the albums provide excellent teaching material for the early grades. 

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Contents Contents
A cheerful spirit: No. 27Daniel Gottlob Türk
A firm, manly character: No. 39Daniel Gottlob Türk
A kind man: No. 13Daniel Gottlob Türk
A light song: No. 44Daniel Gottlob Türk
A nice man: No. 7Daniel Gottlob Türk
A soft-hearted man: No. 12Daniel Gottlob Türk
As it really should be: No. 18Daniel Gottlob Türk
As it really shouldn’t be: No. 36Daniel Gottlob Türk
Das Ballet: No. 19 from Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler (Pieces for aspiring players)Daniel Gottlob Türk
Carefree happiness: No. 32Daniel Gottlob Türk
Carefree Johnny: No. 4Daniel Gottlob Türk
Childhood years: No. 16Daniel Gottlob Türk
Children’s ballad: No. 10Daniel Gottlob Türk
Clap your hands and whirl around: No. 51Daniel Gottlob Türk
Contentment: No. 23Daniel Gottlob Türk
Cradle Song: No. 5Daniel Gottlob Türk
Crossing hands: No. 46 from 60 Pieces for Aspiring Players, Book 1Daniel Gottlob Türk
Do not weep, we’ll meet again: No. 59Daniel Gottlob Türk
Folk-tune: No. 20Daniel Gottlob Türk
For practising thirds and sixths: No. 31Daniel Gottlob Türk
For the fingers: No. 60Daniel Gottlob Türk
For the ladies: No. 52Daniel Gottlob Türk
Four clubs? - Pass!: No. 30Daniel Gottlob Türk
German song: No. 26Daniel Gottlob Türk
Grief and comfort: No. 55Daniel Gottlob Türk
He who happy is, is king: No. 58Daniel Gottlob Türk
Horns and their echo: No. 24Daniel Gottlob Türk
I am so dull and ill: No. 9Daniel Gottlob Türk
I shall be happy, so happy today: No. 49Daniel Gottlob Türk
In mourning: No. 33Daniel Gottlob Türk
In the present style: No. 54Daniel Gottlob Türk
Infantry March: No. 34Daniel Gottlob Türk
Innocence: No. 17Daniel Gottlob Türk
It’s always hard to begin: No. 1Daniel Gottlob Türk
Keenness: No. 11Daniel Gottlob Türk
Lazybones: No. 2Daniel Gottlob Türk
Like a solemn and dignified chorale: No. 43Daniel Gottlob Türk
Like No. 18: No. 21Daniel Gottlob Türk
Military parade-march: No. 41Daniel Gottlob Türk
Miniature rondo: No. 22Daniel Gottlob Türk
Musette: No. 37Daniel Gottlob Türk
Only for sensitive players: No. 57Daniel Gottlob Türk
Sad feelings: No. 14Daniel Gottlob Türk
Scales: No. 6Daniel Gottlob Türk
Serious feelings: No. 40Daniel Gottlob Türk
Sleep, my baby, sleep: No. 15Daniel Gottlob Türk
Solemn and moving: No. 53Daniel Gottlob Türk
Song of a knight in the darkening wood: No. 28Daniel Gottlob Türk / Turlough O’Carolan
Spinning song: No. 35Daniel Gottlob Türk
Strumming is part of our job: No. 29Daniel Gottlob Türk
Syncopations and passage-work for both hands: No. 47Daniel Gottlob Türk
Tender lovers: No. 50Daniel Gottlob Türk
The leaping dancer: No. 42Daniel Gottlob Türk
The lively boy: No. 3Daniel Gottlob Türk
They dance in a ring: No. 56Daniel Gottlob Türk
Trumpets: No. 48Daniel Gottlob Türk
We dance till the floor shakes: No. 45Daniel Gottlob Türk
Who would bother with idle fancies?: No. 8Daniel Gottlob Türk
‘Youthful Joy’, No. 25 from 60 pieces for Aspiring Players, Book IDaniel Gottlob Türk
Youthfully alert: No. 38Daniel Gottlob Türk
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