NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar
NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar
NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar
NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar
NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar
NJF5 - Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit White with green collar

Nuvo NJF5 jFlute outfit

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This product is second hand. It has been checked and serviced where appropriate and is in perfect working order.
  • Firstnote mouthpiece allows beginners to get a good sound from the first try
  • Fully adjustable curved head joint
  • Includes case, cleaning cloth, key extensions, O-ring grease and instruction leaflet
  • Removable key extensions and all key caps can be colour customised
  • Suitable for beginners of any age but ideal for the very young beginner from age 5 upwards
  • Ultra-light construction, washable and durable
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  • Immediate despatch Tick
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Info Full description
This flute has some discolouration on the head joint, see images above. Overall the instrument is in great working condition.

With an ambition to fill the market gap for instruments tailored for junior players, Nuvo launched the jFlute in 2014, and it has since remained popular with parents, teacher s and young, fledging flautists. With the jFlute, children as young as five can get started on a flute which has been specially crafted with them in mind, allowing them to practice the flute from an early age.

The Nuvo jFlute weighs just 235g, making it nearly half the weight of a standard flute. The D# key is featured on the main body for easy access, and the curved head joint and mini foot joint help to create a comfortable fit for a junior player. The body of the flute is crafted from moulded resin, and produces a clean, bright tone. The jFlutes distinctive design does not hamper its musical ability- it is a fully functioning flute that can perform any repertoire that is played on a normal flute. The flute can be stored in its complete form, meaning the user can play it straight from the box without needing to spend time constructing and aligning the flutes body. One of the best features of the jFlute is its versatility; using the jFlute upgrade kit, players can adjust their jFlute to a student flute, allowing the flute to adapt as the players’ skills increases.

The jFlute features Nuvos’ patented Firstnote lip plate, which is a recorder-like mouthpiece that has been specially constructed to help very young students with their first notes on the flute. The lip plate is designed to allow the player to concentrate on good posture, whilst encouraging correct fingering technique from the get-go. This outfit also includes the standard lip plate, which can be introduced when the student is ready. The pads on jFlute are made from a durable silicone rubber compound that is resistant to wear and water damage. Should you ever need to change your pads, you can quickly access them by removing the key caps.

You can give your flute a good clean using the rod and pull-through that is supplied with the outfit. Alternatively, if your flute is looking a bit dirtier than usual, do not be afraid to give it a good, thorough clean with plenty of warm soapy water. This is particularly important for communal flutes used in classrooms, as they tend to pick up a little extra dirt. The jFlutes waterproof construction makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, with the added benefit of unrestricted opportunities for playing your flute outside in any weather condition, come rain or shine!


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