Aulos knickstyle bass recorder

Ref: Aulos 521 new

  • 3 piece instrument in dark brown with ivory trim
  • Bass recorder in key of F with modern mouthpiece
  • Comfortable finger stretch: double keys for F and F#, double holes for G and G#
  • Full sound in all registers
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Supplied with bag, joint grease, cleaning rod, neck strap, and fingering chart
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Info Full description
The 521 bass recorder from Aulos is designed for ensemble playing. It is pitched in F and its notes range from f (below middle C) to g'' (two octaves above).

Being such a long instrument, the bass recorder can be a little uncomfortable to play, but Aulos have incoorporated an 'f-bend' neck so that the player's arms don't have to stretch quite as far, and comparatively closely-spaced keyholes for a more comfortable hold overall. Being made from ABS plastic, the instrument is also relatively lightweight.

The recorder features a curved windway, a concave bell and a double f/f# key / double g/g# keyhole (for easier fingering). It is supplied with a brown leatherette bag a cleaning rod, joint grease and a sling. 
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