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Each acoustic piano we sell is 'custom prepared'
Custom preparation
Each acoustic piano that is sold by Chamberlain Music is what we call, 'custom prepared'. Each piano, firstly, goes through a thorough preparation. Each hammer is individually toned which means that the quality of sound is even across the entire range of the piano. We then carefully check the regulation to ensure that the piano is as responsive as it should be which in turn gives the player as much control as possible. The piano is then, of course, tuned. The result is an instrument which plays and sounds significantly better than had it just been 'factory checked'.
On top of this we are also able to tailor each instrument to the individual client's preferences. We can finely adjust the brilliance of the sound making the piano either brighter or mellower, we can alter the touch of a piano and we can even adjust the pedal mechanism. Our customers are often surprised as to how much difference this can make and are thrilled with the result.
Lowest price guaranteed
Lowest price guaranteed
At Chamberlain Music we have been selling acoustic pianos for over 20 years. We have built up a solid relationship with a variety of manufacturers which has increased our buying power. We have sold countless instruments, each one beautifully prepared and we are confident that each of our clients would not have been able to get a better deal anywhere else.
We also have an enviable selection of ex demo and shop display models available at even better prices and very often, online, cash back deals for even further discount. We simply will not be beaten on price or service!
Fast UK-wide delivery
Fast UK wide delivery
Our specialist carriers are piano experts. They have delivered instruments all over the world, are fully insured and are capable of getting pianos into even the tightest of spaces. Wherever you are you can be confident that your instrument will arrive safely!
Our network of tuner/technicians ensures first class after-sales care of your new instrument
After sales tunings
We have a well established network of tuner/technicians nationwide ensuring first class after sales care of your new instrument.
We can sell your pianos for you with a low commission rate
Commission sale
At Chamberlain Music we have an enviable reputation for selling pianos on behalf of our clients. We deal successfully with a good many schools, colleges and concert venues, We sell pianos to the UK domestic market as well as overseas.
Our commission rates can be as low as 10%. The hassle of selling your piano is removed totally. We pick your piano up, we undertake any technical work that may be needed in order to make the piano reliable and, most importantly, sellable. We agree a sale price with you and make sure that you are aware of any offers that are made for your particular piano. The decision to sell is always entirely yours.
Call 01428 647 593 or email to arrange a viewing or to discuss your piano further.
We can manage any piano move no matter how complicated
Piano transportation
Chamberlain Music has been involved in the movement of pianos, both internationally and domestically for over 20 years. We have contacts in most European countries and can take care of any piano move, no matter how complicated. Call 01428 647 593 or email for a quote.
We can help you dispose of your old piano and you may be surprised at how much it is worth
We want your piano
It could be that you have an old piano that you simply need to dispose of, we could make all of the necessary arrangements. You might also be surprised just how much your old piano is worth - it is certainly worth a call to find out! Call 01428 647 593 or email for further information.
We offer a range of financial services from instrument rental to interest-free finance
At Chamberlain Music we offer a variety of financial services to suit all needs and budgets. From the standard rental of musical instruments, (see the rental pages of this site), to interest free finance on a wide variety of products. We can also offer interest bearing finance at very reasonable rates, (written details on request). We can make purchasing that fine musical instrument affordable.
Contact our piano department on 01428 647593 or email
To discuss any of the above, please don't hestitate to call our Piano Department on 01428 647593 or email
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